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Load Shield

A load plate or shelf load sticker provides information about the permissible shelf load and the maximum field load of heavy-duty racking in the operational environment. This applies in particular to Storage racks, Pallet racks or Cantilever racking with a shelf load of over 200kg and a Field load of more than 1000kg. This information obligation applies to fixed shelves as well as movable racks or mobile cupboards.

The DIN EN 15512 and the DIN EN 15635 stipulate that a load sign must inform about: manufacturer or dealer, model type, year of construction, the permissible shelf and bay load and, in the case of cantilever racking, the upright load (single/double sided) and the arm load.

We recommend attaching a load sign to every third to fourth stand, which is clearly visible to employees and external visitors. If the racks are assembled without attaching load signs, this will be done at the next Shelf Inspection objected to. However, a missing load sign alone is not a sufficient reason to lock the shelf. Rather, the operator is given the obligation to comply with his duty of information by attaching the load tags within a few weeks.

Load tags always included

Load tags

In our shelving and storage solutions, the respective load plates are always included in the scope of delivery as are all small parts required for assembly. The Wedge anchor and cross bracing or diagonal bracing for the required stability are supplied. TOPREGAL customers do not have to buy any material for assembly or installation separately and can start assembly immediately after delivery.

The maximum compartment and field loads are listed on the TOPREGAL load plates included in the scope of delivery.

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