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Designed for the storage of long goods, TOPREGAL's cantilever racks hold a high load of 1250 kg up to 6000 kg on their 50 to 125 cm long cantilevers. Whether painted or hot-dip galvanized: The accessories and individual parts, matching our cantilever racks, inspire with high quality and with a fair price, as you are used to from TOPREGAL. You will find in our assortment a wide range of additional attachments, as well as safety accessories. In addition, there are practical articles for arranging, sorting and labeling the stored long goods.

Select the appropriate type of cantilever rack

Stands for cantilever racks: what you need to know.

With heights ranging from 200 cm to 600 cm, cantilever rack uprights allow for a space-saving alternative to standard pallet racks. Here, the uprights differ between the types KR2500, KR3000 and KR6000 in maximum height and load capacity. Thus, in double-sided design 2500 - 6000 kg can be placed on one upright. A special feature can be found in our cantilever rack uprights type KR2500. While with the other two the cantilever arms can be flexibly suspended at different heights according to your needs, with the KR2500 they are permanently welded to the upright. This provides additional stability and a higher load capacity. The ten 50 cm long cantilever arms can each hold a weight of up to 250 kg.

Types KR3000 and KR6000 can also be purchased as hot-dip galvanized versions, which makes them suitable for use outdoors or in particularly corrosive conditions. The high material thickness and the stable material make deformation at specified nominal load impossible. Stand on the safe side with TOPREGAL's cantilever rack uprights.

Bracing for cantilever racks: What you need to know

Depending on what is to be stored, bay width and height must fit your application. In the case of cantilever racking, this is not defined by the truss length, as is the case with pallet or storage racking, but by the bracing between the individual cantilever rack uprights. These are available from us in widths of 1 m or 1.5 m and painted in RAL5005 signal blue as well as hot-dip galvanized for outdoor use. Here, alternating horizontal and diagonal braces are firmly bolted between the uprights to give the cantilever rack the necessary stability and thus stability. In order to build a complete shelving bay, you therefore need at least 2 uprights and the appropriate bracing to be able to attach them between the cantilever racks. How many bracing poles are needed basically depends on the height of the cantilever rack. In order to support you in the best possible way, we only offer matching bracing sets including the complete assembly material.

Safety first

A cantilever rack rarely comes alone. In most cases, in addition to a racking system, industrial trucks such as forklifts, high-lift trucks or even high-speed trucks are used to facilitate the daily warehouse routine. In order to protect the rack uprights and the lower constructions of your racking from collisions, you need safety-relevant accessories, such as impact protection bollards, a collision protection in U- or L-shape or even a whole impact protection plank. This will not only protect your racks and the goods and raw materials stored in them. The use of appropriate protective equipment is also prescribed by DGUV 108-007. The impact protection planks and collision gates are also simply fastened to the floor with bolt anchors. These safety devices are TÜV-tested and comply with all relevant standards and regulations of the legislator. Play it safe with TOPREGAL's safety-related accessories.

Cantilever arms: What you need to know

Partly firmly welded, partly flexibly hookable. These are the cantilever arms for our racking systems from TOPREGAL. For storing long goods, several stable and robust cantilever arms are indispensable. Thanks to the hardening of our steel and the powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing, our cantilever arms are particularly durable and can withstand the heaviest storage requirements. Again, it is the material that determines where they are used. Painted cantilever arms should not be used in corrosive environments, which include outdoor areas. For this purpose, we also offer the cantilever arms for the KR3000 and KR6000 as hot-dip galvanized variants. In three different lengths, you can then decide how much you want to store on one shelf. Each cantilever arm can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. Don't hold back and let TOPREGAL's cantilever arms hold your goods for you.

Supports for cantilever racks: What you need to know

Extending cantilever racks is quite simple. With a shelf support from TOPREGAL, you make it easier to store packages, smaller goods or even individual items that can no longer fall through between the cantilever arms. Securing against bending of long goods is also possible with a shelf support for our cantilever racks. These are available either in wood, for lighter goods up to a maximum of 400 kg indoors, or as a grid, which is also suitable for outdoor areas and has a load capacity of 500 kg. The practical supports are secured with additional fastening bars, which are already included in the delivery. These fastening bars can also be ordered individually if you already have suitable supports for your cantilever rack. more
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