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Storage-rack accessories

Storage-rack accessories

Our service is as stable as our shelves. Thus, in addition to the typical complete offers and a self-configured solution for our storage racks, we naturally also offer the individual parts and the matching accessories for your storage solution. We distinguish between the categories of storage rack uprights, cross beams and supports, as well as tool cabinets and perforated or side walls. No matter what you need in addition to or as a retrofit for your storage rack: Here you will find it at the usual fair TOPREGAL price and the quality promise for which our company stands.

Storage rack uprights: What you need to know

You can get our storage rack uprights in a height between 200 cm and 400 cm. Depending on the height of your warehouse, shop or DIY store, you will find what you are looking for here. With a field load of 2000 kg, our shelf uprights hold your goods optimally. They are also available in six different depths between 40 cm and 120 cm, so that you can make ideal use of the space available and still not be restricted by limited space. The high stability of our storage rack uprights is ensured by the sturdy bolt anchors, which are driven deep into the ground. Set up safely. With the storage rack uprights from TOPREGAL.

Storage rack uprights: What you need to know

Available in 2 lengths (110cm, 220cm) and 2 shapes (square and round), TOPREGAL's pallet rack beams fulfil the most important task in the warehouse: they take up loads. And not too little: The shelf load of the traverses for our storage racks is 500 kg. This means that medium to heavy items can be stored in a professional storage rack. The uncomplicated assembly with the help of safety pins, which are hooked into the storage rack uprights, makes the assembly and retrofitting of the cross beams particularly easy. The eye-catching signal colour orange provides additional safety, as no traverse and therefore no level can be overlooked. This avoids collisions and ensures operational safety. Have weights lifted, with the storage rack traverses from TOPREGAL.

Storage rack supports: What you need to know

Wood, steel, grating and multiplex board. The TOPREGAL shelf supports for our storage shelves are as versatile as their applications. The individual support materials and finishes have their own special properties. Thus, the wooden support is attractive if light objects are stored in dry rooms. If the fire load in a building is too high, more resistant materials such as a grating made of hot-dip galvanized steel are also suitable. These can also be used in corrosive environments. The multiplex board is probably the most noble choice here. With a beautiful beech look, it not only appeals to the eye, but also offers greater robustness in contrast to the softer wooden panel. This makes it ideal for adding a work table or workbench to your storage rack. The special treatment of this durable support also provides protection against liquid penetration, which can damage the wood. Which shelf support is right for you depends on your application. Our TOPREGAL experts will be happy to advise you when it comes to choosing the optimum storage shelf support.

Lockers and cupboards: The sensible extension

The daily workshop and storage routine consists of many different activities. Not only a multitude of tools are used. Work steps also have to be documented and filed. In addition, employees also need a place to put on their work clothes. For this purpose, we offer additional lockers with doors and drawers in our storage rack accessories, which can be integrated into storage racks to create storage space. The high lockers create space for work clothes and can be used well in changing rooms. A hinged door locker can also be used to easily store tools in an orderly fashion or even store them out of reach of unauthorized persons. Here, the sizes and the features of the cabinets and lockers for the storage rack vary immensely. From 4 to 10 drawers with different depths and widths can be selected our drawer cabinets. Feel free to take a look around and see the potential of TOPREGAL's cabinets and lockers.

Perforated walls and side walls

Practical, flexible and inexpensive to use. These are the perforated walls from TOPREGAL. These are just as easily attached to a side upright for the storage rack as our crossbars and offer vertical storage space for tools, open fronted storage bins and other hanging objects that have no place on the work surface. This adds another dimension to your storage space. Tool holders, sometimes called machine holders, are particularly handy here. These can be hooked into the perforated wall, allowing you to store tools neatly and tidily within easy reach. So you never have to search for your tools again.

Other accessories

Magnetic tape, open fronted storage box, spacer and shelf divider. The other TOPREGAL accessories for the storage shelves are just as varied as the stored goods. For example, goods and raw materials can be easily sorted using a shelf divider or an open fronted storage box. With the magnetic tape, you can easily label shelf compartments so that every move is correct during storage and retrieval. Furthermore, with the practical depth dividers you can ensure that no parts or boxes fall down on the other side of the shelf. With the help of spacers, additional features of a storage rack can be realised. In this way, several shelves can be placed one behind the other or the storage shelf can be attached to the wall. It is best to consult our TOPREGAL experts to find the best shelving solution for you from these diverse possibilities. more
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