Shelf ladder & platform ladder

The suitable supplement to our heavy-duty shelving range: A shelf ladder for hanging into a shelf traverse or a platform ladder. The telescopic shelf ladder from TOPREGAL can be adjusted in height as required for different working heights and shelf heights. The best: the shelf ladder becomes a single ladder in seconds by removing the rubber hooks. If the lightweight aluminium ladder is not needed, it can be quickly unhooked and stowed away to save space. The platform ladder is used especially for longer activities on the shelf or at height, because a safe work is possible here due to the footprint.

All our ladders comply with the applicable legal regulations (e.g. standard DIN EN 131).

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Aluminium telescopic ladders

Not all leaders are leaders! Particularly in commercial environments, a ladder must guarantee a high degree of safety and comply with the currently valid standards (EN 131) and guidelines. The annual inspection of the ladders used for functionality is obligatory for companies and is confirmed with a clearly visible sticker.

The single ladder - the epitome of a ladder

As soon as someone says the word leader, the person opposite has a certain type of leader, namely the single ladder, in his mind's eye. As the name already suggests, this type of ladder is leaned against a wall, for example, and ideally the model has special non-slip slip and contact protection in the form of rubberized ends, just like our single ladders.

The shelf ladder to hang up - flexible companion in warehouse & operation

In the warehouse you don't always have a forklift truck at hand and especially when you only want to pick a small quantity or size from the upper shelf areas anyway, a shelf ladder for hanging up is extremely practical. The TOPREGAL shelf ladder was developed exactly for this purpose. It convinces by its versatility and price. Thanks to the use of aluminium, it is surprisingly light and that although the telescopic system has pleasantly wide spars for greater stability. The telescopic shelf ladder can be hooked into an additionally attached cross beam by means of attachable flexible hook elements and just as quickly it can be moved or repositioned to the next place of use. Thanks to the rubberised hooks, the ladder is always secured against slipping or sliding away.

The detachable hook elements turn the shelf ladder into a single ladder without further ado, should this be required for repair work on a wall, for example. A multifunctional access equipment, as it is needed several times a day in the warehouse or company. The aluminium shelf ladder is simply folded up with a click system - then the ladder returns to its starting position in a few seconds and can then be stowed away to save space until the next use. Due to its small size, this special warehouse ladder also fits perfectly into a van or a station wagon. more
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