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Whether manual, semi-electric or fully electric: the products of the SolidHub brand impress with their transport and lifting performance. The motto of our high-performance lifting equipment is "high quality at fair prices". Our constantly growing product portfolio is impressive and covers a wide range of applications. From hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks and forklifts to lifting platforms, with a stand height of 10 m, everything is included. With SolidHub, transport distances are easy to overcome, whether horizontally or vertically.

Quality promise

Hand pallet truck We attach great importance to the use of materials in the production of our products that can withstand the rough conditions at the respective location for a long time. A detailed product test always precedes the admission to sales and our carefully selected suppliers produce strictly according to our specifications and incorporate findings from the product tests according to our wishes. This is how we ensure the quality of SolidHub products.

A short journey through our products

"belongs in every warehouse. SolidHub's small hand pallet trucks are the most economical entry-level models when it comes to transporting goods from A to B. This manoeuvrable, stable transport device does not require any electricity and can therefore be used continuously without downtime due to recharging. Whether it's a pallet cage or a Euro pallet, you can't do without this handy helper in the warehouse. It is ideal for short distances and fast transport. An uncomplicated and always ready to use pallet truck for the small budget.

Electric pallet truck"Less muscle power - more comfort." Entry-level models from the electric pallet truck series are often semi-electric. This means that the lifting and lowering of the pallet is electrically driven, but the loaded pallet must be pumped up manually. Not so with our SolidHub products. Our electric pallet trucks are all fully electric, but still available at an affordable price. From 1500 kg lifting weight to 2000 kg, these agile power packs are available and very flexible in storage.
Electric pallet stacker"More power and new heights." The next larger class of electric pallet trucks, are our high lift trucks. Here the best of both worlds are combined: The small size and manoeuvrability of the electric pallet truck, for which no driving licence is required, and a lifting height of up to 5 m. This means that this SolidHub product portfolio covers the entire range of transport and storage orders. In addition, these devices are considerably cheaper than forklifts and therefore attractive especially for small and medium-sized companies. No matter whether it is a pedestrian high lift truck or with a footboard to stand up at the back, these electrical devices from SolidHub will inspire you.
LI-ION electric forklift "Environmentally friendly power in a robust package." If many large and heavy goods have to be transported quickly between warehouses or within very large warehouses, our all-electric forklift trucks from SolidHub are suitable. Here the brand stands for real logistic power. With a speed of up to 16 km/h, warehouse goods with a maximum weight of 2.5 tonnes can be moved with ease. With these storage devices, trucks and sea freight containers can be loaded and unloaded in the shortest possible time, storage shelves can be put away or commission goods can be transported to the designated place in the warehouse. With the large forklifts from SolidHub , no transport task is too heavy.

mobile work platforms "It's the height that counts." The SolidHub brand stands for stability, speed and height. The latter is especially true for our extra high mobile work platforms, which allow working at heights of up to 12 m. Equipped with four outriggers, this lifting device is set up flexibly and stably directly at the place of use and within a few minutes work at enormous heights is already in full swing.

All-round care in warehouse and factory - with a clear conscience

All our SolidHub products share these three characteristics: strength, flexibility and quality. Each one is unique in its field. Therefore, the articles from this product portfolio complement each other particularly well. With the help of our SolidHub electric forklifts, scissor lifts can be easily unloaded from a truck and driven to the desired location. Thanks to our electric hand pallet trucks, goods can be manoeuvred manoeuvrably and flexibly through narrow aisles. At peak times, our fast electric stackers ensure that all delivery orders are reliably met. With our manual hand pallet trucks, you dare to enter the world of business without having to make a particularly large investment. Our SolidHub product portfolio covers a wide range of logistics applications: whether they are high up in the air or on the ground.

With SolidHub products you make a good decision for the environment in any case. All our items, whether it is a pallet truck, high lift truck, forklift or high scissor lifts are manually or electrically driven and emit no exhaust fumes whatsoever. This is good for the environment and good for your employees who work with the equipment every day. Some of our electric pallet trucks are even equipped with quickly replaceable batteries, which makes it possible to reduce the service life of the individual electric pallet truck. This means that instead of buying a second machine, you can simply increase the working capacity with a spare battery. This not only saves space, but is also economically and ecologically valuable, as it saves resources.

With the power of SolidHub, heavy stock items can be easily stored, picked and transported to various stations in your logistics organisation. This is ensured by our high-lift trucks and electric forklifts, which lift and lower weights of up to 2.5 t and cover a maximum lifting height of 5 m. In this way you not only increase the usable space in your rack storage area, but also protect your employees. In this way you increase the efficiency in your company with fast and powerful lifting machines from SolidHub and also relieve the warehouse staff, who do not have to carry large and bulky goods from A to B.

Service: Before and after purchase

This well-balanced portfolio of lifting equipment also offers one major advantage: expertise. Our SolidHub experts will be happy to advise you on your specific logistics case. They will look at the specific situation in your warehouse or production facility and select the right lift trucks for you. In doing so they pay attention to efficiency and economic factors as well as to a good workflow in your logistics. Which goods have to be stored and transported to which stations? These are questions we are happy to answer with our SolidHub products. After the purchase, our customer service is of course always available by phone, should a machine fail or should you have problems operating a lift truck. For this purpose we also store spare parts, such as wheels or small parts, which can be delivered within 48 h. Here the motto of SolidHub is: Get help as soon as possible. By extremely short reaction times to customer inquiries and express delivery we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. All articles are in stock and immediately available for you. Therefore we can support you with our support in the best possible way, so that your stock orders do not get stuck. Our low-maintenance machines are designed for a long service life as standard. Our 12 months warranty also stands for this. This is how we ensure that only functional industrial trucks arrive at your premises and that you can reliably start your core business in the warehouse.

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