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The TecMaschin brand stands for precision, quality and practical technical products. Just what is needed in the warehouse and everyday production. It is not about how expensive a device is. The main thing is that the promised functions are implemented flawlessly and you have a long time to enjoy the innovative products from TecMaschin. Each article has its own special field of application for which it was created.

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Technology with tradition

The products of our TecMaschin operating technology brand stand for innovation, quality and functionality. Germans have long been known for their inventive spirit and innovation. TecMaschin's technical products are no exception and help you grow your business and delight customers with your own products. This range is as extensive as it is versatile. From the small strapping tool, which can be used quickly and flexibly, to the pallet wrapper, which automatically carries out packaging orders, everything is included.

Fast and clean packing

No packaging job is too last-minute or rushed anymore, because TecMaschin strapping products are designed to function at all times and also to spring into action quickly. You can rely on TecMaschin's practical hand strapping tool, which makes it possible to realize strapping in the length of your PET strap. The PET strap is also available in our assortment. This means that you can count on receiving everything from a single source and that the technology works together. This means that you can cover a large part of your packaging orders with this product alone. You can also use the practical TecMaschin decoiler for strapping to quickly change locations with your strapping station. This is worthwhile if the goods to be strapped are particularly large or heavy. In addition, the hand strapping tool can always be carried along in the upper shelf of the decoiler and the 20 kg strap roll also becomes much easier to handle.

Intelligent strapping

Packaging also becomes child's play with the PWS1650 semi-automatic pallet wrapper. Using this robust and durable stretch wrapper, you can safely wrap up to 40 pallets per hour without any physical effort. Whether using the pre-installed programs or your own custom wrapping cycles, you'll always find an optimal setting to secure pallets from damage, dirt and tipping over during storage and transport. The stretch wrapper is also the optimal choice when it comes to sustainability. Thanks to the pre-stretch system, the wrapping film is pre-stretched up to 250% compared to the pallet wrapping machines with mechanical and magnetic film brakes, which means significant savings in film consumption and thus cost savings for you. One meter of film becomes 3.5 m with pre-stretching.

Thanks to the openings on the underside of the 1650 mm turntable, the PWS1650 is also easy to transport with a forklift and can be used flexibly. The pallet wrapper is also equipped with a photocell that ensures automatic height detection. The turntable has a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg and rotates at a speed of up to 12 rpm, which makes the wrapping machine the optimal packaging machine for your company. more
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