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Rack inspection

Not yet available in the United Kingdom

In order to ensure that you comply with the legal regulations regarding storage safety and to guarantee a safe working environment for you and your employees, we recommend that you carry out a shelf inspection in accordance with the applicable regulations. An annual inspection of your racking systems by a competent person is mandatory and absolutely necessary when using industrial racking systems.

Shelf inspection according to DIN EN 15635

Racks as work equipment must be inspected regularly with regard to risk assessment. The type of inspection and inspection intervals are regulated in DIN EN 15635. According to these regulation, a rack inspection must be carried out by a competent person at least every 12 months. The rack is checked for its static properties, stability, damage and technical specifications. The following aspects are checked, for example:

  • Are the shelf supports vertical?
  • Are there cracks in welds or in the base material?
  • What is the condition and effectiveness of the fuses?
  • Is the stability of the loading units given?

Certified shelf inspectors

Our shelf inspectors are trained and certified as "competent persons" in the sense of DIN EN 15635. They are therefore trained to carry out the annual shelf inspection ("expert inspection"). During this inspection the racks are checked on site and a test report is prepared. Afterwards, our shelf inspector marks the shelves accordingly with the inspection sticker. In addition to our own products, our team is also qualified to inspect racks that you have not purchased from TOPREGAL. The following, additional shelf types can also be inspected by our shelf inspectors:

Inspection sticker
Inspection sticker for attachment after shelf inspection (German Version)

Shelf inspection of your racks - Expert inspection according to DIN EN 15635

We offer you the complete execution of the rack inspection of your Heavy duty racks including the marking with inspection labels and detailed documentation. Tests are carried out to determine whether the racking is affected to varying degrees. Dangerous damages require action as soon as possible, whereas severe damages require immediate action. This can also result in the shelving system being blocked. Our shelf inspectors always have materials with them so that the most common adjustments can be carried out directly on site and thus affect your business processes as little as possible. In the course of the rack inspection a detailed documentation as well as a final report including a catalogue of measures will be prepared, which will be made available for your records. For any questions or to make an appointment for your shelf inspection, please contact us! Let us know the number and specifications of your various racks and we will be happy to calculate your individual price for the inspection. If required, we can also offer a statics calculation for existing racks.

 Test report for racking inspection according to DIN EN 15635 Test report for racking inspection according to DIN EN 15635: Part 1
 Test report for racking inspection according to DIN EN 15635 Test report for racking inspection according to DIN EN 15635: Part 2