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Solar carports equipped with highly efficient solar modules generate energy for your electric car in an environmentally friendly way. The electricity produced purely by solar power is 100% green and this purchase pays for itself after a short time. Areas of application: Your company parking lot, customer parking lot or wherever you need a solar canopy for electric cars. The carport is easy to expand thanks to its standardized dimensions and can be operated completely self-sufficiently or with a grid connection as required.

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Carport & parking lot roofing - energy-efficient protection for your car

TOPREGAL offers high-quality solar technology for shading and weather protection for vehicles under the SoloPort brand. Fill up on solar energy and remain independent of fossil fuels, even when generating electricity. The use of solar energy helps to reduce CO₂ emissions by replacing fossil fuels. This is an important step in the fight against climate change and for the protection of our environment. But it also protects the vehicles: Canopies such as the SoloPort parking lot canopy and the carport with photovoltaic roof protect vehicles from the elements such as rain, snow and direct sunlight. This can extend the service life of vehicles and improve user comfort.

Refuel with 100% green electricity with a solar carport

Experience the mobility revolution with our SoloPort solar carports - A key to sustainable energy generation. Our solar carports are masterpieces of independence, as they are completely detached from the general power grid. The roof of a solar carport is equipped with 12 powerful solar modules that generate an impressive 420 Wp of electricity per module. In total, the solar carport generates a maximum output of 5 KW, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source. The robust frame construction made of durable aluminum profiles offers optimum protection from the elements and guarantees a long service life. The roof pitch of 10 degrees is ideal for solar energy generation and maximizes the efficiency of the carports.








Protected from the weather

Parking canopies with solar power for the environmentally friendly use of large areas

Solar parking lot canopies are an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that offers several advantages. By installing solar panels on parking lots, companies, municipalities and other facilities can not only generate clean energy, but also use the space efficiently. Parking lot canopies fitted with solar panels utilize unused space to generate clean and renewable energy. This energy can be used directly on site to meet the needs of adjacent buildings, fed directly into the public grid to generate additional revenue or used in the form of an electric charging point for the vehicles parked underneath.

For operators who install solar parking canopies, energy costs can be significantly reduced. The solar energy generated can be used to reduce electricity costs, which is particularly beneficial during peak load times.

In many countries, there are government subsidy programs and financial incentives for the installation of solar systems. This can reduce investment costs and shorten the payback period. Parking lot canopies equipped with solar technology are therefore a forward-looking investment that not only offers economic benefits, but also contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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