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Put the well-being of your workforce first, promote environmentally friendly means of transportation, and ensure safety and comfort with appropriate shelters. Our smoking shelters are designed to provide smokers with wind-protected rain shelter away from main entrances and walkways. Each is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. A solar-powered LED light with motion sensor is a great extra, especially during the darker months. In addition, we offer sturdy and modern designed bike shelters, ideal for protecting bicycles from the weather and theft.

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Bicycle shelters at the workplace

With the mobility revolution, bicycle shelters are increasingly becoming a matter of course that companies need to invest in. According to Statista, around 82 million bicycles have rolled along German roads in recent years and the trend is still rising. This makes the bicycle one of the most widespread means of transportation in Germany and it is often used for the daily commute to work. In the capital, for example, a third of all employees commute to work by bike. It goes without saying that the demand and need for bicycle shelters is growing. Especially with new models and e-bikes, employees are happy when managers think ahead and offer bike shelters in front of the company in line with the trend.

Order metal bicycle shelters

TOPREGAL's bike racks keep your employees' bikes safe and protected from the weather. The stands themselves are also particularly robust and durable thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as hot-dip galvanized steel and PC. Depending on requirements, the metal bike racks can also be flexibly, quickly and easily extended with bike hangers. The bicycles themselves can be attached to the mounting poles with locks so that they are protected against theft as well as wind and weather.

Discover smoking shelters

In addition to metal bicycle shelters, we also offer smoker shelters in various sizes. Regardless of the size, their lightweight aluminum frame makes them easy to transport from A to B and finally place. The smoking shelters also impress with their straightforward and simple design, which blends unobtrusively and discreetly into any environment. In addition, an environmentally friendly LED solar lamp with motion detector provides light for up to ten hours in the dark - after all, storms and rainy weather are rarely accompanied by bright sunshine. more
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