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Kanban racks are perfect for use when picking smaller items. These items are best stowed in open-fronted pick bins until they are needed. The levels are arranged at an angle of 20° for both mobile and stationary kanban racks so that the stored goods can be easily seen and picked quickly. The round beam prevents the goods or the open-fronted pick bins from slipping off the racking. Simply select the dimensions you require using the filter and the suitable mobile kanban-rack variants are displayed immediately below. Once you’ve used this mobile picking assistant, you won’t want to do without it ever again. See for yourself!

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Mobile kanban racks for perfectly aligned goods at any location

This special type of rack has many names: inclined-shelf rack, supply rack, kanban rack or removal rack. This rack is designed for short storage times, because whatever is stored in this type of rack is intended for quick removal. The shelves are placed on the beams diagonally and thus the goods automatically slide forward as soon as the product in front is removed. The mobile kanban rack variant can be refilled from any side, even from behind, without the need for freely accessible paths. Simply roll it to one side, refill and roll it back again.

Accessories for your mobile kanban-rack system

We also stock the right accessories and individual parts for your mobile racks: Open-fronted pick bins in many different sizes, handles, shelves, magnetic tape for labelling or round beams for a secure hold. more
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