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Industrial shelf

Compared to the conventional racks, which are also used for private use, the industrial racks have a higher load capacity, which is needed for the goods to be stored. They are available in different versions, e.g. different heights, shelves suitable for long goods or specially for goods stored on pallets.

This category includes the Storage racks or also called wide span racks, the pallet racks or also Cantilever racks. Depending on the type of shelf, they can be equipped with e.g. wooden and steel shelves, grating, be used as add-on shelves, are mobile, as packing table, hot-dip galvanised for outdoor use or even as sloping shelf.

The maximum load varies depending on the type of rack, for example Field load 9000kg for a pallet rack, 2000kg for a storage or wide span rack and 3000kg (between two uprights) for cantilever racking.