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Industrial safety

Occupational safety serves to protect employees at work. It is intended to minimize dangers and accidents so as not to endanger the personal health and safety of employees. 

Within the framework of the Health and Safety at Work Act, this is one of the most important elements of a company, not only for humane reasons but also from an economic perspective. Health-related absences, such as accidents or work-related illnesses, cause additional costs for a company or society. The lack of occupational health and safety often has an impact on the quality of products or services, i.e. problems arising from company organisation or management. Personal criminal or civil law action is taken against those responsible (managing directors, supervisors, foremen or persons on the supervisory board) who commission or permit work if the standards of the respective industry are not observed.

Occupational health and safety also includes aspects such as the proper assembly of racking including collision protection and regular racking inspections, the use Sump trays and Roll-off safety devices and/or Push through protection and last but not least the consideration of the given Shelf loads and Field Loads.