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Hot dip galvanised shelves

Hot-dip galvanised racks are generally used to storage goods outdoors. The galvanized steel gives the rack a higher protection against weather conditions, especially against rust, than the only painted version, as used for storage in closed rooms and warehouses. Galvanizing is a "full bath" of the shelf profiles in zinc. It allows the shelving to be protected over a long period of time without attacking the original material. A further protection is created by an additional Coating. Further information can be found in the  EN ISO 14713-2. Over time, the zinc may darken and become duller if the shelf is exposed to severe weather conditions. 

There are different types of galvanizing processes, for example, piece galvanizing, where the individual parts of the rack be placed in a zinc melt. Before this, impurities (grease, oil, etc.) are chemically removed. The protection is much higher than in the case of strip galvanizing, as it has several layers of coating to increase the lifetime of the individual pieces for further processing.