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High lift truck

High lift trucks are often used for low stock levels or in small warehouses. They are also suitable for the transport of Euro pallets, Box pallets containers and similar goods. In narrow aisles with little manoeuvrability, high lift trucks are suitable for loading and unloading goods. No forklift licence is required, but only trained personnel should be allowed access. A distinction is made between manual and semi-electric high lift trucks.

The manual version requires a lot of power to push or pull it due to its high dead weight (up to 320kg). With the electric version, the forks are operated by an electro-hydraulic system and manual force is not required in this case. However, the high lift truck has a tare weight of up to 495kg, which is generated when moving it manually. In order to stop the goods immediately, the electric version is usually equipped with an emergency stop switch and a plexiglass panel can additionally protect the operator from falling goods.

The battery is charged at a 230 V socket and the battery level is indicated by a charge indicator. The advantages of a Lift truck and one Forklift are thus combined. The load capacity is approx. 1 t for the semi-electric version and up to approx. 1.5 t for the manual version. The interval of maintenance is higher with the electric version than with the high lift truck without battery. It is basically important that the equipment is used only on firm and straight ground without inclination.