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Pallet truck

Pallet trucks also belong to the Industrial trucks. They are used for the transport of pallets, lattice boxes, crates etc. in the company's own warehouse or can be used on the loading area of trucks (without motor) due to their size and manoeuvrability. They consist of two metal tines, which are height-adjustable in order to load pallets optimally. 

The metal tines are used as with the Forklift called "forks". Load rollers are located under the tines - they are rigid at the front and movable at the rear (one or two wheels). The handle can be used once to steer the lift truck or as a lever (as a hydraulic function on non-powered implements). This implement function is usually found on the handle or within reach of the axle. Unlike a forklift truck, the driver does not sit on a seat, but operates the device standing (on a platform on the lift truck) or walking. The only seating on the pallet truck is on the electric pallet truck, which is operated in a seated position, like the forklift truck.

A security check, which is due annually - Source (SEMA - code of practice, which can be found here: https://www.sema.org.uk/sema-publications/).

Operator training must also be provided for these devices. With the pallet truck, the load distribution is different and no counterweight is required as with the forklift truck. A pallet truck is also commonly referred to as a "Ant" (a trademark of the Jungheinrich company).