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DIN EN 131 - International standard for ladders

The DIN EN 131 is the basis for the safe use of all types of ladders. It applies throughout Europe and distinguishes between the user groups "Professional", i.e. the use of ladders in a commercial environment, and "Non-Professional" for the use of ladders by private individuals. EN 131, for example, stipulates that ladders must be designed for a load capacity of at least 150kg and that they - comparable to Shelf inspection - must be checked once a year. The examination may only be carried out by competent persons who, through education, professional experience and training, have the ability to correctly assess the condition of a ladder.

Formally, DIN EN 1 consists of the parts DIN EN 131-1 to DIN EN 131-7, the first three parts specifying how ladders must be named, constructed, tested and marked. The other four parts of DIN EN 131 deal with the requirements, testing and marking of ladders.

Stricter requirements have been in force for single ladders since 1 January 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, all portable Single ladders have an extended stand from 3m length upwards. This requirement, which came into force on January 1, 2018, makes DIN EN 131. It can be implemented in various ways, for example by the conical design, with a Traverse or by means of additional support arms, especially for ladder sections used individually. The minimum length of the extension depends on the overall length, but can be limited to 1.2m by the manufacturer. Ladders in existing buildings can, for example, be retrofitted with the installation of a crossbar and continue to be operated.

All ladders that can be ordered from TOPREGAL comply with the applicable guidelines and the specifications of DIN EN 131.