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One-way pallet

Disposable pallets are, in contrast to the reusable pallets such as the Euro Pallet intended for one-time use only, i.e. for transport from the manufacturer directly to the customer Your Shelf life is not long. There is no exchange of the one-way pallet, as it is considered a "lost pallet or packaging" in export and remains directly with the recipient. 

The dimensions of the one-way pallet are variable and available in different designs, depending on the customer's requirements, e.g. wood, plastic or corrugated cardboard. It is often used to transport stackable goods or heavier goods. The weatherproof and easy to clean plastic pallets are suitable for transport with high hygiene regulations or food. A cost-effective variant for export, but not weatherproof, is the corrugated board pallet. They can be loaded with a maximum of 800 kilos. The wooden pallets must be subject to special regulations to protect against diseases or pathogens and must be specially treated (ISPM15).