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Load distributor

Load distributor belong to the technical trifles, whose great importance is often lost. They reduce the point load and distribute the entire weight of the shelf over a larger area than just the shelf feet. In this way, load distributors provide the necessary stability on sensitive floors or with limited load capacities. Solid steel sheets with a weight of around 11 kg are used. They are firmly bolted to the floor with four bolt anchors each. A TOPREGAL pallet rack with 110cm deep uprights has 5cm overhang on both sides with 120cm load distributors.

The term load distribution also exists in other contexts: In physics it generally refers to the even distribution of a weight force. Computer scientists distribute extensive calculations over several networked systems. In the field of logistics, load distribution refers to the scheduled loading of means of transport. And in the electricity industry, municipal utilities or interconnected companies try to compensate for load peaks with their own electricity generation in order to achieve optimum utilisation of their power plant fleet.