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Conveying technology

The conveyor technology includes, among other things, the means of transport (cranes or Forklift) as well as the individual technical and economic processes (tasks in the warehouse, during loading and transport) that occur when using the facilities. Conveyor technology is mainly used in industry, at ports or airports and in mining - i.e. in delimited areas. With the help of conveyor technology, goods or even people can be brought from the starting point to the destination. 

The individual concepts of conveyor technology are usually tailored to the use of the company. Conveyor technology can also be manual - simply by moving the goods with the help of rollers. From an economic point of view, conveyor belts or roller conveyors are suitable for transporting the goods quickly, continuously and reliably. Transport can be carried out in a short time and flexibly, even over long distances. In principle, the field of conveyor technology includes all processes in terms of transport and storage processes or even storage tasks.