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Electric pallet truck Li-Ion HWE20, 24 V 25 Ah, load capacity 2.000 kg, fork length 1.150 mm, SolidHub

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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 221718
  • Model
  • Max. Load
    2,000 kg
  • Mobile
  • Max. Lifting height
    85 mm - 190 mm
  • Fork length
    1,150 mm
  • Speed
    4.5 km/h
  • Energy source
  • Battery
  • Battery life
    2 h - 3 h
  • Charging time
    2.5 h
  • Weight
    166 kg
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    560 mm
  • Depth
    1,540 mm
  • Height
    1,220 mm
  • Tyres
  • Motor power
    500 W
  • Gradeability
    3 % - 5 %
  • Turning radius
    1,350 mm
  • Range of application
  • Power
    750 W
  • Capacity
    25 Ah
  • Voltage
    24 V
Delivery volume
  • 1 x electric pallet truck HWE20, load capacity 2.000 kg, SolidHub
  • 1 x Li-Ion battery 24 V 25 Ah & charger
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Easy to operate, small turning radius and light weight. Perfect for use in narrow aisles
  • Compact design promises ease of maintenance in a slim design
  • Oil pipes and electrical cables are built securely into the housing and are easily accessible
  • Ergonomic control panel: Number pad, battery level display and controls are comfortably within reach
  • Brake booster: as soon as the grip is loosened or downward pressure is applied, the pallet truck stops
  • Electromagnetic brakes and motor brakes complete the safety package 
  • The robust steel housing protects the drive unit and makes for a durable product
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply and customer service

The HWE20: The affordable entry-level model

With a lifting capacity of up to 2.000 kg, the all-electric HWE20 pallet truck is ideally equipped for your warehouse. Unlike other entry-level models of electric pallet trucks, not only the forward and reverse travel is electric, but also the lifting work. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of pumping up the stored goods. The Euro pallet or pallet cage is lifted effortlessly at the touch of a button on the tiller. This is not only faster, but also ergonomic for every employee who works with this device. The speed of the pallet truck (max. 4,5 km/h) can be conveniently and continuously controlled using the practical toggle switch on the drawbar. If the toggle switch is released or deliberately set to the neutral position, the pallet truck brakes automatically. This is not only easier when handling the pallet truck, but is also a safety-relevant function. This prevents the electromagnetic brake from rolling away uncontrollably, thereby preventing accidents.

Manoeuvrable and easy transport of goods in the warehouse and to the customer

The SolidHub brand electric pallet truck lifts and transports warehouse goods and finished products up to a load weight of 2.000 kg without any problems. The low weight of 166 kg, the narrow design with a width of 560 mm and the small wheelbase of 1.220 mm play a key role in terms of manoeuvrability and flexibility. This results in a very small turning radius of 1.350 mm, which makes it easy to manoeuvre in small spaces, between narrow warehouse shelves, when loading lorries or in goods lifts. An electric pallet truck for lorry transport also makes it easier for the carrier to work with heavy loads on the move. Pallets are moved on the loading area, unloaded via the lifting platform and delivered to the customer's doorstep.

The 21 cm drive wheels together with the tandem fork rollers made of polyurethane (8 cm in diameter) overcome small edges without causing damage and thus combine quiet travelling. With 4,5 km/h, you can transport goods from A to B at a moderate speed. Coupled with the high lifting and lowering speed, this makes the HWE20 your reliable and manoeuvrable partner for transporting goods. The robust steel housing not only protects the drive unit, but also provides additional protection in the foot area thanks to the short distance to the floor. The fork length of 1.150 mm is ideal for transporting Euro pallets. However, all other standard pallet sizes can also be transported with this pallet truck. The fork tips are rounded, which makes it easier to pick up the pallet.

Good performance and powerful drive thanks to the 24 V lithium-ion battery

The powerful lithium-ion battery from SolidHub is the centrepiece and drive of the HWE20. the intelligent charging system prevents overcharging when simply charging the device. This not only increases the service life of the battery, but also prevents temperature build-up during the charging process. The battery charge can be easily and conveniently read off the housing of the device so that you always know when the next charge is required. The battery capacity is 2 - 3 h for uninterrupted use of the electric pallet truck. After the pallet truck has been used, it is simply hung up on the charging station. After 2,5 h the battery is then fully operational again and the machine can continue to transport goods with power and manoeuvrability.

Good to know: Warehouse employees do not require any special training or a forklift licence to operate the HWE20. An introduction to handling the lifting device is sufficient. Of course, when working with the SolidHub Electric pallet truck HWE20, the legal regulations must be observed and complied with.

Please inform yourself about the nationally relevant regulations in the country of use before you operate the device. The user is responsible for initial operation and for selecting the appropriate personnel for this purpose.

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Delivery note

This item will be delivered by articulated lorry (40 t) with side/rear unloading. For this, a suitable lifting device (e.g., forklift) must be provided by the customer. Additional services, such as delivery via tail lift, truck-mounted forklift, or low-loader, are available at an extra charge.

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Frequently asked questions
Questions about the product
How many months and what defects does the warranty cover?

For all items in the shop - which are not consumables - we grant a warranty of 1 year. This warranty is valid from the date of invoice and covers material, processing or construction defects. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, improper handling or unauthorized modification is not covered by the warranty. On articles with batteries and / or accumulators we grant a voluntary functional guarantee of 6 months from the date of purchase on the batteries / accumulators .

Exceptions are our heavy duty shelves incl. single parts. Here we grant a 5 year warranty.

What are the advantages of lithium-ion technology over other battery types?

Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages compared to other rechargeable batteries: The charging efficiency is higher and the battery can withstand a higher number of charging cycles. Thus, it has a longer product life compared to lead-acid batteries. In addition, this technology has a high energy density and thus a higher efficiency in use. Deep discharges are also survived with less damage, which further increases the robustness and reliability of electronic devices.

Does SolidHub offer devices with initial stroke or free stroke?

At this time, SolidHub does not offer equipment with initial lift - a feature that raises the truck's wheel arms to provide additional ground clearance during load pickup and transport. However, we do have models in our line that have free lift. This feature allows the forks or load to be lifted without changing the overall height of the lift mast. An example of this is our HEF16/5 product.