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Crash protection

Collision protection (also called "ram protection" or "impact protection") is a safety feature in logistics. As a solid metal part, it serves to protect the shelf uprights from accidental collision by lifting vehicles, such as a Pallet truck ("Ant") or a Forklift truck. The collision protection is firmly screwed to the ground with bolt anchors. In case of doubt, it can thus absorb the forces and protect the rack including the stored goods from damage.

Outer shelf uprights can be effectively secured with an L-shaped collision or impact protection. While BGR 234 still specified a minimum height of 0.30m, DIN EN 15635 requires a height of at least 0.40m. They must also be able to withstand a possible energy absorption of 400 Newton metres. For internal shelf uprights, we recommend the U-shaped impact protection, as this provides all-round protection for the load-bearing upright. All in all, effective impact and collision protection is a must in every company, in the hall or workshop as well as in the company yard, at rolling gates and loading ramps, at passages and corners, at driveways as well as in warehouses and machine parks.

TOPREGAL offers the collision protection in U-shape and L-shape in different heights and designs.