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Ceiling panels for PREFAB warehouse office incl. fixing screws and LED lighting, dimensions 980 mm x 3.040 mm x 50 mm
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 95247
  • Model
  • Luminous flux
    4,200 lm
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    980 mm
  • Depth
    3,040 mm
  • Height
    2,500 mm
  • Range of application
  • Power
    48 W
Delivery volume
  • 1 x ceiling panels for warehouse office, dimensions 980 mm x 2.500 mm x 50 mm
  • 1 x LED ceiling light for warehouse office (220 V, 48 W, 4200 lm)
  • 4 x hexagon head screw, 12x70, self-cutting, for ceiling panel for warehouse office
  • Customised construction for almost any size, thanks to the modular construction system of the hall offices
  • Sandwich construction of the panels with steel outer sides and rock wool insulation provides excellent sound insulation
  • Particularly easy installation thanks to the tongue and groove system
  • Residue-free cleaning of all components thanks to the high-quality surface

Sometimes, a production hall or warehouse quickly needs one or more workstations that offer all the advantages of a proper room and can be set up quickly and easily. The PREFAB office can be ordered directly online, can be set up easily in just a few steps and offers all kinds of extras and sophisticated elements – all at a fair price and without long planning phases and delivery times.

With the individual parts from the PREFAB series you can design and put together your own hall office. The height (internal dimension 2.500 mm | external dimension 2.550 mm) and room depth (internal dimension 3.000 mm | external dimension 3.100 mm) do not change. 

The ceiling panel with LED lighting is screwed to the wall panels.

The individual panels are covered with a transparent protective film, which can be removed without leaving any marks once installation is complete.
Removing the film before installation is not recommended because the film helps to prevent scratches during installation.
If the panels become dirty, you can clean them easily and gently with a soapy mixture and a microfibre cloth.

All other small parts needed for the ceiling panel, such as screws, are included in the delivery volume.


All PREFAB panels have DIN 4102-1 fire class properties.


INFO: Due to possible optical damage to the PREFAB, we are offering this product at a reduced price. This optical damage does not affect the functionality of the product. The warranty remains fully valid. more

Dimensions of prefab offices

Specified dimensions are approximate and may vary by a few centimeters. Contact us if you need the exact dimensions for your prefab office.

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