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1.800 mm steel board for pallet rack PR15000 / 1.100 mm deep

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Technical data
Article No. 60455
  • Length
    1,800 mm
  • Model
  • Beam length
    1,800 mm
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    885 mm
  • Depth
    1,100 mm
  • Range of application
  • Max. Load per module
    1.000 kg
Delivery volume
  • 2 x steel board 885 mm x 110 cm – max. load per module: 1.000 kg
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Easy-wipe, 180 cm wide steel board for racks with a high load capacity of 1.000 kg per module
  • Simple assembly thanks to the special design of the rack layer
  • Extremely robust and durable thanks to the high-quality finish
  • The bright paint in the signal colour of orange ensures additional safety
  • Suitable for the pallet rack PR15000

Highly stable and extra-robust

The steel board from TOPREGAL offers many advantages. It is not only extremely stable and durable, but also withstands the toughest storage conditions. The orange paint protects the steel against premature corrosion, and this bright signal colour also ensures additional safety in the warehouse. 

The steel shelf for the pallet rack comprises 2 modules with a depth of 1.100 mm and a width of 885 mm. The total width is therefore 1.800 mm. Each module has a maximum load capacity of 1.000 kg. 

Thanks to the special design, the steel board fixes itself to the beam so that errors are ruled out in the assembly of your pallet rack. This is placed on the beams without any additional fastenings. It’s a quick and easy job.

Discover the high-quality steel boards for the pallet rack from TOPREGAL.

The load specification of 1.000 kg per module refers to the actual load capacity of the steel shelves, but the maximum compartment load must not be exceeded. Please observe the compartment and unit load capacities of the PR15000.

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Important information

Dimensions given are approximate and may vary by a few centimeters. Please contact us if you need the correct size for your desired product.