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Product description

Pallet rack type PR15000

Bay loads up to 15000KG
  • rack height 2m - 7,5m
  • upright depth 110cm or 80cm
  • Load capacity up to 1500kg per pallet
  • Levels individually height adjustable in 5cm increments
  • Different supports
  • Extensive accessories
  • DIN EN 15512 tested
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best price
  • All parts included

Quality of our products

Voluntary testing of our pallet racks

In order to subject ourselves to external quality tests, we have our products inspected annually.

The racks are tested for load, rigidity and stability.

The published load capacity specifications for our racks are based on the DIN EN 15512 standard.

The maximum shelf and bay loads are listed on the load plates included in the delivery to confirm the specifications


Painted for indoor use

Overview uprights pallet rack PR15000

Painted uprights

A complete rack upright consists of cold-rolled upright profiles in U-shape with outwardly folded ends plus the cross and diagonal braces in the form of C-profiles.

(see exploded view assembly uprights)


Versions + mass

Field and point load

Field load max. 15000KG

  • With evenly distributed load between two rack uprights

Shelf load max. 4500KG

  • With evenly distributed load per truss level
  • Max. Max. shelf load depends on truss length

Mass of the trusses

Point load per foot plate
max. 7500KG

  • Forces acting on the floor in the form of point load

Assembly of the uprights

Technical information

Floor anchoring footplate

The floor anchoring is done by using bolt anchors M12x100

  • For this purpose, the appropriate holes are first drilled with a suitable drill (12cm diameter).
  • The bolt anchor is hammered in with the floor holder.
  • Finally, the nut is fastened.
  • Thus, the shelf is sufficiently and securely anchored.

Please note: The bolt anchors must be fastened professionally.

Our in-house assembly team will gladly take over the professional assembly of your shelves.

Learn more about our racking assembly here.

Bay lengths

  • The bay length describes the width of a rack bay as well as the distance between two pallet rack uprights.
  • Bay lengths are available in 180cm, 270cm and 360cm.
  • The different bay lengths can be freely combined with each other.
  • Configure your pallet rack individually with your desired bay lengths. Our racks are also expandable at any time due to the modular construction.

Assembly of the cross beams

Technical Information

Assembly of the cross beams

Required individual parts:
Pre-assembled shelf upright, traverse, locking pin

  • The crossbars can be hooked into the upright profile at the desired height.
  • The safety pin protects the crossbar against accidental levering out.
  • The height of the individual truss levels can be adjusted in 5cm increments.

Safety pin for crossbars

Pallet rack with supports

Wooden shelf support

The wooden shelf support consists of a chipboard (38mm) and 4 Z-sheets. The wooden shelf is placed on the crossbeam and fixed and stabilized with the help of centering plates.

Load capacity without the use of depth bars: 1500kg

Depth bar / depth support for pallet racks

Load capacity 600kg per inserted depth bar.

Depth bars are used to increase the load capacity of shelves.

These are placed on the crossbars and fix themselves due to the design.

ATTENTION: If the load is on the crossbars, you always have the load capacity of the crossbar pair available. Independent of the shelf support.

Shelf support made of grating

Hot galvanized grating to be placed directly on the truss pairs.

Modules a 88cm width
mesh size 9,9cm x 9,9cm

Load capacity 800kg per module

Optimal for storage of hazardous materials or liquids

ATTENTION: If the load is on the cross beams, you always have the load capacity of the pair of cross beams available. Independent of the shelf support

Self-locking system, due to the design with the fixing angle cut off

* as this is the maximum shelf load of the trusses in this length.

Steel shelf support

Steel shelf to be placed directly on the truss pairs.

Modules a 88cm width
load capacity 1000kg per module

Available in depths 110cm and 80cm

Optimal for storage of liquids, such as varnishes or oils, because washable.

ATTENTION: If the load is on the crossbars, you always have the load capacity of the pair of crossbars available. Independent of the shelf support

Easy assembly, due to the self-fixing design.

* As this is the maximum shelf load of the trusses in this length.

Double rack rows

For space-saving installation of your pallet racking system, it is recommended to install two racks parallel one behind the other.

In this case, it makes sense to connect the racks using spacers to align them neatly and generate additional stability.

In order to prevent the rear pallet from being pushed out during loading, we recommend installing push-through guards on one side of the double rack row.

Push-through stops

The push-through protection prevents the pallets from accidentally shifting or falling to the rear.

Bolt-on plates as well as screws for fastening to the racking system are included in the price and can be supplied compatible for all common pallet racking systems.

The push-through protection is part of the safety-related accessories for pallet racks. They are placed on the sides of the racks not intended for loading and unloading. They are required by law in the case of public traffic behind the racking or parallel racking.

Regulations according to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV 108-007

Collision protection for racking systems

Collision protection to prevent possible damage to the rack upright.

Corner areas must be equipped with a collision protection according to DIN EN 15365 & DGUV 108-007 in case of forklift traffic.

Our collision protection is tested and certified according to DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR234).

Each collision protection is delivered including four bolt anchors M12x100mm for floor fixing.

Application examples

Accessories - suitable for PR15000


Different versions available > to the supports

Depth bars

Direct > to the depth bars

Drum supports

Direct > to the drum support

Collision protection

Direct > to the safety accessories

Crash barriers

Direct > to the crash barriers

Push-through protection

Direct > to the push-through protection

Mesh rear wall

Different widths available > to the grid back walls

Magnetic tapes

Different widths available > to the magnetic strips

Height compensation plates

Direct > to the height compensation plates

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