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Mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform that creates additional space in a warehouse - optimal for storing goods, offices or work areas. Thanks to their exceptional robustness, mezzanine floor can carry heavy loads, which makes them an ideal choice for warehouses, workshops and salesrooms. Basically, a mezzanine floor is an extremely practical solution to make the most of the limited space in a warehouse. Its versatile structure allows you to efficiently expand the available space, promoting better organization of the entire warehouse.

Mezzanine floor with stairs

A warehouse platform with stairs provides both an additional space and easy access to the second level. Thanks to stairs, everyone can easily access the warehouse platform, which can greatly facilitate various work processes. A mezzanine floor with st airs can be additionally equipped with a reception platform and a transfer station upon request.

Assemble mezzanine floor with configurator at TOPREGAL

A mezzanine floor with stairs, supports, railings and transfer station includes numerous options that lead to a completely individual product. Perfectly tailored, it can thus be adapted to the respective spatial situation. You can achieve just such a customized mezzanine floor with our configurator. This innovative tool makes it possible to adjust the size, shape, load capacity and other important parameters of a mezzanine floor to your requirements. Design the mezzanine floor in the configurator so that it optimally fits the space available in your warehouse as well as your business operations. Use our warehouse platform configurator to find the perfect solution for your business and increase the efficiency of your warehousing. With a mezzanine floor, you not only create more space, but also better working conditions for your employees and increase productivity in your warehouse.