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Solar street light

Streetlights serve a simple but not insignificant purpose: they illuminate sidewalks, roadsides and parking lots at night to ensure traffic safety in public spaces. Street lighting is obligatory only on crosswalks. In all other areas, it is up to the municipality to decide whether they should be illuminated at night. The electric street lamps were initially lit with sodium and mercury vapor lamps, before solar street lamps were also used. Both predecessors of the solar street lantern have their advantages and disadvantages and are still used all over the world today. The mercury vapor lamps are safer than the sodium variety from a traffic standpoint because they give off white light, but they are not as economical as their counterpart. The light from the sodium vapor lamps appears more orange, making objects harder to see. This poses a high risk, especially in road traffic, because some car colors can only be recognized quite late, which is why visibility is reduced. Both light sources have one disadvantage: from an environmental point of view, they tend to have a negative impact because they consume a lot of electricity and have high maintenance costs. The high energy consumption not only puts a big hole in the coffers of municipalities, but also has a negative impact on the environment.

An alternative to this, which is increasingly being erected on the roadsides in cities and towns, is LED solar street lamps. The solar street lamps are considered to be particularly economical. A long service life and low operating costs make these street lights so attractive. They generate their own electricity and are therefore self-sufficient. This is an advantage that translates into low energy costs and, more importantly, protects the environment. Their batteries charge the LED solar streetlights by sunlight, so they are not tied to the power grid and can be erected in places that do not have access to the power grid. In terms of traffic safety, they are not inferior to mercury vapor lamps. This is because the white light of solar street lamps ensures safety in public areas for all road users.

LED solar street lamps from TecMaschin

The LED solar street lamps have many advantages over conventional street lamps, first of all the positive effect on the environment and climate. Whether on streets, parking lots or your own driveway, TecMaschin 's LED solar street lantern illuminates the surroundings in a cool white light. With 4,000 lumens and 357 LED diodes, you're guaranteed to never miss a tripping hazard again. In the assortment of TOPREGAL you will find two models of LED solar street lantern. The solar panel of the SL50/50 model charges fully within five to six hours and provides the lamp with up to 20 hours of power, so you won't be left in the dark at night. The battery capacity on the SL50/25 model is slightly less and therefore provides the light with a maximum of 10 hours of power. Requirements for IP65 protection class is met by TecMaschin street lighting thanks to the hot-dip galvanized housing. Splash water and dust can therefore not harm the sensitive LED diodes. The LED solar street light from TecMaschin defies any weather-related adversities, illuminates an area of up to 150 square meters and is particularly economical.