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Interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is essentially a large touchscreen display that is either connected to a computer or has its own built-in operating system, allowing it to function independently. It allows you to create, edit and present content such as information on the screen quite conveniently. For example, an interactive whiteboard plays images, GIFs, audio files or videos, and in this way takes on the function of a digital customer stopper. Whether at a trade show, in the shopping mall or in your meeting room, the whiteboard is interactive thanks to digital touch displays and is a wonderful way to address potential clientele very directly or make conferences interactive in numerous locations and versatile situations. The touch terminal of the interactive whiteboard is all the more inviting to try out and discover because it is at a comfortable height and its ease of use makes it intuitive to use. In fact, the interface and controls of an interactive whiteboard are reminiscent of commercially available smartphones and tablets.

Interactive / digital whiteboard: functions and advantages

With a digital whiteboard, you are relying on the simplest way to advertise your business, because with posters, flyers, and radio or television ads, many people forget the impact that advertising has in their own store. People who pass your store and are therefore already on site will become aware of your display thanks to digital whiteboards. Accordingly, they may be more likely to make a spontaneous purchase.

To do this, take advantage of the various interfaces thanks to which you can bring the desired content to a digital whiteboard: from USB ports, SD card slots and HDMI to LAN or WLAN connections and the cloud. The digital whiteboards are equipped with an Android operating system and can therefore play any Android-compatible app on their surface.

Buy digital whiteboard at TOPREGAL

If you buy a digital whiteboard, advertising on posters and in print media will thus be a thing of the past - no more need for a print job! The one-time purchase of a digital whiteboard will therefore pay off as quickly as it will in the long term. In addition to the advertising purposes that an interactive whiteboard serves in many companies, it also offers numerous options in production halls or warehouses for informing your team about current schedules or the daily menu in the cafeteria, for example. In the office, an interactive whiteboard can also be used for presentations.