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Solar carport SP40/5-1 incl. wallbox and control cabinet, Aluminum, headroom 2.200 mm, SoloPort
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 223346-UK
  • Model
  • Version
    Car carport
  • Max. Leistung Solarmodul (STC)
    420 Wp
  • Output power solar modules
    5 kW
  • Colour
  • Width
    3,860 mm
  • Depth
    7,100 mm
  • Height
    3,540 mm
  • Mounted
  • Protection class
  • Range of application
  • Entry height
    2,650 mm
  • Voltage
    230 V
  • Usable battery capacity
    30 kWh
  • Clearance height
    2,200 mm
  • Real battery capacity
    40 kWh
  • Charging Power
    1.8 kW - 7 kW
Delivery volume
  • 1 x Solar carport SP40/5-1 incl. wallbox and control cabinet, Aluminum, headroom 2.200 mm, SoloPort
  • 12 x solar module
  • 1 x Switch cabinet incl. wallbox and inverter
  • 1 x battery system
  • Environmentally friendly generation of energy for charging your electric vehicle
  • Quick and uncomplicated set-up in just a few steps
  • Simple operation and overview of the charging process via app
  • High battery capacity of up to 40 kWh ensures possible charging even in bad weather and at night
  • Thanks to its independence from the grid, the solar carport can be set up in almost any location

The market novelty: The solar carport SP40/5-1

The solar carport by SoloPort has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and, thanks to its uniqueness, is the market first in the automotive shelter sector. All common electric vehicles can be charged with green energy completely independent of the grid.

The frame construction of the carport consists of particularly durable aluminium profiles and offers your car protection from wind and weather with a drive-in height of 2.650 mm and a width of 3.860 mm, as well as a length of 7.100 mm. The drive-through height is 2.200 mm. The profiles are firmly fixed in the ground with bolt anchors. They can be screwed directly into asphalt and concrete surfaces; for other ground surfaces, an appropriate foundation is required.

SoloPort: Utilising and storing green energy

The roof of the carport consists of 12 high-performance solar modules. With a power generation of 420 Wp per module, they ensure a maximum power generation capacity of 5 kWp. The electricity generated by the solar modules is transferred to the control cabinet included in the scope of delivery, which also contains a 40 kWh high-performance battery storage unit. The maximum usable capacity is 30 kWh, as an internal mechanism is integrated to protect the battery from deep discharge. The solar carport allows you to charge your electric car easily both during the day and at night or in unfavourable weather conditions. All technical components are also integrated in the control cabinet, including an inverter and a fuse box. These elements are responsible for controlling and networking the carport and ensure virtually maintenance-free operation.

Simple, flexible operation: the e-carport from SoloPort

A keypad is attached to the side of the control cabinet, which activates the charging current by entering a code. This prevents unauthorised use by third parties. After activation, the wallbox, which is also attached to the outside of the control cabinet, can be used with a charging capacity of 1,8 - 7 kW. This can be set in seven stages for charging your electric car. There are two 230 V sockets next to the wallbox, which are practical and easy to access. This means that not only your electric car benefits from green electricity, but also other electrical appliances such as hoovers, lawn mowers and other tools. Of course, e-bike batteries and other battery-powered devices can also be charged safely.

With the right app: everything at a glance at all times

With the "SmartESS" app specially developed for the solar carport (available in the App Store or Google Play Store, desktop version also available), it is possible to keep an eye on all important information, such as the current charge status of the battery or the current power generation of the solar modules, as well as many other key figures, regardless of location and time, when the carport's Wi-Fi connection is active. As an alternative to the WLAN connection, an externally purchased SIM card can be integrated for the connection.

Fully equipped for safety with the SP40/5-1 solar carport

The SoloPort solar carport also offers you another integrated highlight: a practical LED light with motion sensor. This ensures that the path to the carport is safely and optimally illuminated even in the dark.

Self-sufficient thanks to green electricity: the carport with solar roof

The completely self-sufficient solar carport is a stand-alone system and is not connected to the public power grid, so registration with the Federal Network Agency is not necessary. You also do not need authorisation from the grid operator.

Quality standard that guarantees you safety

With this solar carport from TOPREGAL, you are not only opting for a sustainable solution, but also for a quality-conscious one. You are consciously choosing a trading partner based in Germany who is available to you at all times. Our excellent customer service ensures that a satisfactory solution is quickly found for you in the event of a warranty claim. You can rely on receiving a quality product that fulfils all safety standards.

We offer:

  • 20-year performance guarantee on the solar modules
  • 10-year product guarantee on the solar modules
  • 5-year guarantee on the aluminium carport structure
  • 1 year guarantee on all other components

In Germany, depending on the federal state and district, a building notification or building permit may be required. The basis for this is the applicable state building regulations. Please enquire with the relevant authorities prior to construction.
We cannot provide any information on legal regulations outside Germany. Please also obtain information here from the public authorities responsible for your project. more
Frequently asked questions
Questions about the product
Can I buy the SoloPort solar carport as a private customer?

End users can purchase the solar carport at or contact the SoloPort sales team for a quote in German or English. You can reach the private customer sales team at or +49 7158-9181545.

As a buyer, do I have to obtain building permits myself and what support does TOPREGAL offer?

Yes, as the buyer you are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for your solar carport. TOPREGAL will assist you by providing you with construction drawings free of charge upon request. Please note that any conditions and fees that may be incurred, such as permit fees, costs for possible surveys, replacement planning and verifiable static calculations, must be borne by you.

What guarantees does TOPREGAL offer when selling the solar carport?

We give you a 10-year warranty on the solar panels, a 5-year warranty on the carport frame and a 1-year warranty on all other SoloPort components. Please refer to our warranty terms for more information.

Do the carports only come in the dimensions mentioned or can they be customized?

We offer the carports in fixed dimensions that cannot be customized. The dimensions mentioned in the technical data cannot be changed. We also do not offer other materials for the frame construction, except those shown here.

Can I see the carport live?

At our three locations in Germany (Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), we offer the opportunity to view and purchase the carport directly on site by making an appointment with our SoloPort experts. Please send your appointment request to

Is it possible to line up several carports?

We offer add-on variants of all carports that can be attached to an existing SoloPort carport to create a double carport or a carport for three vehicles. However, a separate inverter and control cabinet must be connected for the operation of each solar carport.

How high are the loads? (roof load, snow load, wind load)?

The carport has a roof/snow load of 80kg/m2 (0,8 kN/m²). Regardless of whether it is a carport for cars or RVs. Attachment bays can also bear the same loads. The wind load is 108km/h, so it can withstand bad weather.

Is the module roof waterproof?

Yes, the module roof is waterproof. Horizontal and vertical gutters are installed below the solar panels to drain rainwater passing through to the lowest point of the carport. Commercially available rain gutters can be installed at this point to divert the rainwater to the desired location.

The solar panels do not have a separate seal between them, so the water can easily drain through the gutters. Of course, if it is windy and raining, it is possible that it will rain in to the sides. From above, the rain is neatly drained away via the gutters.

However, every system has its limits. In heavy rain, it cannot be ruled out that due to the large amount of water, it will sometimes come through the solar roof.

Do you also offer assembly?

No, we do not offer an assembly service. Like a standard carport, the carport can be easily assembled by 2 - 3 people following our assembly instructions. If you need a foundation that you cannot build yourself, please contact a garden- and landscaping contractor.

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