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360 cm single beam for vertical rack VR1500

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Technical data
Article No. 220620
  • Model
  • Beam length
    3,600 mm
  • Colour
  • Surface
    Powder coated
  • Width
    3,600 mm
  • Max. Load per field
    1,500 kg
  • Range of application
Delivery volume
  • 1 x 360 cm single beam for vertical rack VR1500
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Painted in the signal colour orange, the beam ensures occupational safety
  • Easily withstands heavy loads of up to 1.500 kg
  • Optional attachment of cantilever arms with simple plug-in system
  • Modular system for simple extension of existing racks

A true load carrier

As with other racks, the beams of the vertical rack are the actual load-bearing elements. This is why the vertical-rack steel beam with a width of 3.600 mm has a particularly robust design. It withstands knocks and impacts with ease thanks to the high-quality powder coating. The maximum unit load capacity of a vertical rack with this beam is 1.500 kg with an evenly distributed load. For vertical racks from TOPREGAL, 1800 mm, 2700 mm and 3600 mm-wide beams are available. You also have the option to attach cantilever arms to the beams in a simple plug-in system using a hexagon socket screw with wing nut.

Like all our racks, the vertical rack can be extended at any time. All material required for assembly is included in the delivery volume and the price. 

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Important information

Dimensions given are approximate and may vary by a few centimeters. Please contact us if you need the correct size for your desired product.