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Warehouse office/prefab office PREFAB-15 "Studio", 4 windows, 1 door (16 panels)

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Technical data
Article No. 95192-S
  • Room area
    15 m²
  • Model
    PREFAB-15 "Studio"
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    5,000 mm
  • Depth
    3,000 mm
  • Height
    2,500 mm
  • Mounted
  • Range of application
Delivery volume
  • 1 x door panel for foreman’s office, dimensions 980 x 2500 mm
  • 3 x “studio” window panels for foreman’s office, 980 x 2500 mm model
  • 1 x window panels for foreman’s office, 980 x 2500 model
  • 11 x wall panels for foreman’s office, 980 x 2500 x 50 mm model
  • 5 x ceiling panels for foreman’s office, dimensions 980 x 3040 x 50 mm
  • 3 x LED ceiling lights for foreman’s office, dimensions 1200 x 300 x 10, 4200 lm 
  • 2 x external columns/corner columns for foreman’s office, dimensions 6 m each
  • 3 x ceiling & wall L connections for foreman’s office, dimensions 6 m each
  • 8 x floor rails/ceiling panels for foreman’s office, dimensions 6 m each
  • Customised construction for almost any size, thanks to the modular construction system of the hall offices
  • Sandwich construction of the panels with steel outer sides and rock wool insulation provides excellent sound insulation
  • Large studio windows with double-glazed panes of toughened glass for maximum shatter resistance
  • Particularly easy installation thanks to the tongue and groove system
  • Integrated lighting and sockets for perfect electrical equipment

INFO: Due to a production error, we are offering our PREFAB office as B-goods at a reduced price. This means minor paint damage and/or dents may occur, but do not have to. The panels can also be supplied in different colour shades. The warranty remains fully valid.

A production hall or warehouse quickly needs one or more workstations that offer all the advantages of a real room and can be set up quickly and easily. The warehouse office PREFAB-15 "Studio" can be ordered directly online, is easy to set up in just a few steps and offers all kinds of extras and well thought-out elements - all at a fair price and without long planning phases and delivery times.

  • Assemble in any order
  • Assembly on your hall floor
  • Panels with tongue and groove
  • incl. window & door panels
  • incl. lighting elements
  • incl. Schuko socket & light switch (change-over switch)


A flexibly designed hall office according to your wishes

The 16 panels (15 m²) can be assembled individually according to your wishes. You will receive a door, 11 Wall panels and 3 floor-to-ceiling "studio" windows, which can be hung in any order in the steel rail construction.

INFO: The windows cannot be opened or tilted.

The height (2.50 m internal dimension | 2.55 m external dimension) and room depth (3 m internal dimension | 3.10 m external dimension) always remain the same. The material of the panels, built in sandwich construction, consists of steel (white, spray-painted, 0.4 mm steel) on the outside and inside and rock wool as an insulating layer in the middle. This means that the panels are not exactly lightweight (11 kg/m²) but very stable and that little noise from the often noisy hall environment penetrates into the room-in-room system. The insulation value is between 20 - 40 dB dB depending on the outside noise level. The thermal insulation value of the PREFAB hall offices is 0,787 W/(m²K) and the thermal conductivity 0,05 W/(mK).

INFO: The roof cannot be walked on or loaded.


The PREFAB office interior - standard and yet extra

Not only noises, but also dust and odours are prevented from entering the newly created workplace. The hall office PREFAB-15 "Studio" is already equipped with sound insulation and dust protection as standard, i.e. at no extra charge. The window panel consists of 8 mm thick, double-glazed window panes (25 kg) with integrated ventilation so that the panes do not fog up. The glass panes are made of tempered glass which, in the event of damage, bursts into many small particles, similar to the windscreen of a car. This minimises the risk of injury. In addition, two lighting elements are included so that the illumination in the master craftsman's office is perfectly coordinated. A power socket and a light switch are also integrated in the door panel. The cables for the electrics are attached to the ceiling; the connection must be carried out by an electrician in accordance with regulations. Thanks to the material used, e.g. plans or other important documents can be hung on the walls with magnets without leaving any residue. The door is lockable and comes with three keys. Everything comes as standard with the hall office - you get extras at no extra charge.

The individual panels are covered with a transparent protective film, which can be removed without leaving any residue after assembly. Removal of the film before assembly is not recommended to avoid possible scratches during assembly. The panels can be cleaned easily and gently with a soap mixture and a microfibre cloth if they become dirty.


Assembly and conversion of the hall office

If you have to move or add an extension to the hall office, this is no problem. Just as easily and simply as it is assembled, it can also be dismantled or extended again. The panels are simply inserted into each other and fix themselves thanks to the tongue and groove system on the side elements. Depending on the size, the assembly time varies somewhat, but for a hall office with 12 m² (4 x 3 m), our trained TOPREGAL assemblers need approx. 2-4 hours. Required tools: commercially available drill and screwdriver. The TOPREGAL assembly team will also be happy to carry out the assembly for you - simply request a quote for the assembly with just a few clicks on the order confirmation page after purchase.


All PREFAB panels have fire class B1 properties according to DIN 4102-1.

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Dimensions of prefab offices

Specified dimensions are approximate and may vary by a few centimeters. Contact us if you need the exact dimensions for your prefab office.

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