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Which shelf support fits me?

No support
No surcharge
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Ideal for storing pallets on the beams
Wooden boards
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Chipboard, for storage of dry stored goods, e.g. cardboard boxes
Painted steel board
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For storage of e.g. liquids and hazardous goods
Wire mesh
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Higher load capacity than wood and 38mm lower than the wooden boards
Galvanized mesh
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For the storage of e.g. soils, liquids and hazardous goods

Please select your pallet rack

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Buy pallet racks - in the best quality, at the best prices.

When you buy pallet racks, we recommend you to configure them quickly, easily and individually. Thus, you will get your individual pallet rack from TOPREGAL in the highest industrial quality if you use our pallet rack configurator.

In addition to the three basic variants, which differ according to the maximum load per pallet (type PR4500 for 500 kg, type PR9000 for 1,000 kg and type PR15000 for 1,500 kg per pallet), you can freely choose, among other things, the height (between 2 and 7.5 m), the depth (80 and 110 cm) and the material of the optional shelves of your desired rack (wood, steel, grating, wire mesh). The PR9000 rack variant is also available hot-dip galvanized for outdoor use.

Assemble pallet racks with the configurator at TOPREGAL

Each pallet rack for indoor use is composed of uprights and crossbars in the color pure orange RAL 2004. The pallet rack uprights, in signal blue RAL 5005, consist of a front and rear upright profile bolted together by cross and diagonal braces, and two galvanized base plates bolted to the floor with bolt anchors. For outdoor use of a pallet rack, we rely on hot-dip galvanized trusses and uprights. Thanks to the simple plug-in design, the crossbars can be quickly and easily hooked into the pallet rack uprights, fastened with locking pins and individually adjusted in height in a grid of 50 millimeters. Depending on the design, you can buy pallet racks from us that you can load with up to 4,500 kilograms per crossbeam level and with a maximum bay load of 15,000 kg. In our standard assortment we have pallet rack traverses in 180, 270 and 360 centimeters for two, three or four Euro pallets. We supply other bay lengths on request. We carry heights from 200 to 750 centimeters. While the standard depth of 110 centimeters is optimal for lengthwise storage of Euro pallets, we also offer a depth of 80 centimeters for our pallet racks where you can store disposable pallets or other goods. The bay load, i.e. the load capacity between two uprights, differs depending on the type of rack:

  • 9000 kg for the PR4500
  • 9000 kg for the PR9000
  • 15000 kg for the PR15000

You can also choose from a variety of options when it comes to the material of the supports for the pallet rack. No matter whether you are looking for grating, wire mesh, steel shelves or chipboard, you will find what you are looking for. You can also buy individual supports at the individual parts for pallet racks to customize your rack. Thanks to the modular design, it is also possible at any time to subsequently expand the pallet rack with individual rack components and adapt it to your requirements.

The assembly of the takes place in the twinkling of an eye. Immediately after receipt of the goods you can start with the assembly. The legally required load plates are always included in the price and scope of delivery. Any assembly material needed for proper assembly, such as bolt anchors for floor fixing, safety pins for securing the crossbars, bolts, nuts, washers and much more are included in the price.

TOPREGAL's heavy-duty racks meet all legal requirements and have been tested according to DIN EN 15512. We have all pallet racking complete offers in stock so that we can dispatch them quickly. Extensive, safety-relevant accessories can be found on the Pallet Racking Accessories page. If you need other load capacities or dimensions, please contact us!

Pallet racking: Storage technology from TOPREGAL

pallet rack


  1. upright
  2. Slide-through protection
  3. Suspension crossbar in the rack upright
  4. Lattice back wall
  5. Crossbar
  6. Spacer
  7. Load plate
  8. Collision protection L-shape
  9. Depth bar
  10. collision protection U-shape
  11. Axle dimension (field length)
  12. Crash barrier

At a glance

  • Shelf height: between 2 m - 7.5 m (in 50 cm steps)
  • Shelf depth: 80 cm or 110 cm
  • Shelf width: 1.9 to 50.3 m
  • Bay length: 180, 270 or 360 cm
  • Load capacity up to 1500 kg per pallet
  • Levels/traverses individually height-adjustable in 5 cm increments
  • Wood, steel, wire mesh or grid shelf supports
  • Extensive accessories such as: Depth bars, push-through safety devices, mesh rear walls, collision protection, impact protection, etc.
  • Expandable, thanks to modular design


The rack uprights for TOPREGAL pallet racks are available in many different designs. You can choose between different heights, depths and surfaces. Each pallet rack upright consists of a front and rear upright profile. These are bolted together by cross and diagonal braces and firmly anchored to the floor with two foot plates and bolt anchors to ensure the stability of the pallet rack. In addition to the powder-coated version, the PR9000 rack is also available hot-dip galvanized.

Shelf heights:

For heavy-duty shelving, you can choose any height between two and 7.5 meters, in 50-centimeter increments.

Shelf heights

Shelf Depth:

When it comes to the depth of your pallet rack, you can choose between two options: One is a shelf depth of 80 centimeters. This is perfect for storing disposable pallets or other goods. The second is our standard depth of 110 centimeters. This is ideal for the longitudinal storage of Euro pallets. Our competent team will also be happy to advise you if you have any questions. Due to the flexible rack type, you can expand your pallet rack at any time and adapt it to your requirements. You can optimize your pallet rack both by adding more levels in height and by adding more bays in length.

Double rack rows:

To save space when setting up your pallet racking system, we advise you to set up two racks parallel behind each other. In this case, it makes sense to connect the pallet racks using spacers to align them neatly and generate additional stability. To prevent the rear pallet from being pushed out when loaded, we recommend installing push-through guards on one side of the double row of racks.

Cross beams:

The powder-coated crossbars in pure orange RAL 2004 are hooked into the uprights in a simple plug-in design and secured with safety pins against accidental levering out. They can be individually adjusted in height in increments of 50 millimeters.

Bay lengths:

The bay length describes the width of a rack bay as well as the distance between two pallet rack uprights. Our trusses are available in lengths of 180, 270 and 360 centimeters. The different axis dimensions can be freely combined with each other. Configure your pallet rack with the configurator individually with your desired bay lengths.

Bay lengths

Shelf supports - the right one for everyone

We offer four different shelf supports in our range: Wire mesh, wood, steel and grating. In the following we inform you about the characteristics of the individual designs. Please note that regardless of the shelf support, you will always get the load capacity of the truss pair, as long as the load is on the trusses.

1. wire mesh support

The wire mesh supports are ideal alternatives to wooden shelves with many advantages: The overlays have a higher load capacity and are 38 millimeters lower than wooden overlays in direct comparison. The mesh size is five by ten centimeters. It therefore offers an open area of 70 percent - and thus a perfect view of the stored goods. The maximum load-bearing capacity of a wire mesh module is 1,000 kilograms with uniform load distribution.

2. wooden shelf

The wooden shelf support consists of a chipboard 38 millimeters high and four Z-sheets. The wooden shelf is placed on the crossbar and fixed and stabilized with the help of centering plates. The load capacity is 1,500 kg without the use of depth bars.

3. grating support

Hot galvanized grating is ideal for direct support at the crossbar pairs. The 88 centimeter wide modules have a mesh size of 9.9 by 9.9 centimeters and can be loaded with a maximum of 800 kilograms each. The grating floor is ideal for storing hazardous materials and liquids or for outdoor storage. Due to the design with folded fixing angle, the grating floor is a self-locking system.

4. steel support

Steel shelf modules have a width of 88.5 centimeters each and can be loaded with up to 1,000 kilograms. Steel shelves are ideal for storing liquids, such as paint or oil, because they can be cleaned quickly. Due to the self-fixing design, assembly is done in just a few steps.

Shelf supports

Buy pallet racks and extensive accessories

pallet racks accessories

1. push-through protection

The push-through protection prevents the unintentional shifting or falling of the pallets to the rear. Bolt-on plates as well as screws for fastening to the racking system are included in the price and can be supplied for all common pallet racking systems. The push-through protection is part of the safety-related accessories for pallet racks. They are placed on the sides of the racks not intended for loading and unloading. They are required by law in case of public traffic behind the rack and in case of parallel racks.

2. depth bar

Depth bars/depth support for pallet racks are available from us with a maximum load capacity of 600 kilograms per inserted depth bar. By using depth bars, the load capacity of your shelves is increased. Simply put on, they fix themselves due to the design.

3. collision protection

A collision guard is used to prevent possible damage to the rack upright. Especially corner areas have to be equipped with a collision protection according to DIN EN 15365 and DGUV 108-007 in case of forklift traffic. Our collision protection is tested and certified according to DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR234). Each collision protection is supplied including four bolt anchors for floor fastening.

4. crash barrier

Impact protection planks are available from TOPREGAL in various designs. These are optimal for single and double rack rows as it protects your racking system from damage to the outer uprights and their braces due to accidental impact. At the same time, the yellow paint with black signal stripes ensures increased attention every time you enter your work area in accordance with BGV A8.

5. drum supports

The TOPREGAL drum support is placed between the crossbars without additional fastening and is suitable for drums up to a capacity of 200 liters. The welded-on push-through protections prevent the drums from slipping through and only allow them to be moved sideways.

6. lattice rear wall

Mesh rear walls prevent the falling of stored goods and are especially recommended for double rack rows.

7. spacer

Spacers are used for parallel positioning of rack rows and for fixing to the wall.

8. magnetic bands

Our magnetic tapes are five or ten centimeters wide and can be used for labeling storage and shelving spaces. They adhere to magnetic surfaces, for example, crossbars, cantilevers, metal or similar surfaces, and are ideal for labeling storage locations on our pallet racks.

9. load distributors

They distribute the weight over a larger area than the rack feet. This is especially useful for sensitive floors or limited load capacity of warehouse floors.

10. height compensation plates (shims)

Height compensation plates or shims are used to compensate for possible unevenness of the floor when installing the rack. Placed under the base plates, they contribute to the safe operation of the racking system.

Explanation of terms

pallet racks

a) Point load

The forces acting on the floor at a point, also known as concentrated load.

b) Shelf load

Indicates the maximum load capacity of a single rack shelf when the load is uniformly distributed per truss level. The maximum shelf load depends, among other things, on the crosshead length.

c) Bay load

Describes the maximum total load of the rack, with evenly distributed load between two rack uprights. The sum of the individual shelf loads must not exceed the permissible bay load.

Technical data of PR4500, PR9000 and PR15000 pallet racks

Classification according to crossbar lengths

Rack type180 cm270 cm360 cmDownloads
Max. Shelf load PR45001.000 kg1.500 kg1.350 kgTechnical data sheet (PDF)Assembly instructions (PDF)
Max. Shelf load PR90002.000 kg3.000 kg2.200 kgTechnical data sheet (PDF)Assembly instructions (PDF)
Max. Shelf load PR150003.000 kg4.500 kg4.000 kgTechnical data sheet (PDF)Assembly instructions (PDF)

Classification according to truss lengths

SupportNumber of depth bars / modules180 cm270 cm360 cm
WoodWithout depth bar1.500 kg1.500 kg1.500 kg
+ 1 depth member2,000 kg2,100 kg2,100 kg
+ 2 depth members2.000 kg2.700 kg2,200 kg
+ 3 depth bar2.000 kg3.000 kg2.200 kg
Wire mesh
3.000 kg4.500 kg4.000 kg
Grating2 modules1.600 kg--
3 modules-2.400 kg-
4 modules-
-2,200 kg*
Steel floor2 modules2.000 kg--
3 modules-3.000 kg-
4 modules--2,200 kg*

*as this is the maximum shelf load of the travesen in this length.

TOPREGAL quality you can rely on

We have the quality of our products checked annually in quality tests. The racks are tested for load, rigidity and stability. The published load capacity data for our shelves are based on the DIN EN 15512 standard. The maximum shelf and bay loads are listed on the load plates included in the delivery.

Pallet racking - assembly of uprights, crossbars and floor anchoring

Floor anchoring with base plate

The floor anchoring is done by using bolt anchors. To do this, the appropriate holes are first drilled with a suitable 12 millimeter diameter drill bit. The bolt anchor is hammered in with the floor bracket and fastened with the nut. Thus, the shelf is sufficiently and securely anchored. Please make sure that the bolt anchors are fixed professionally. Our in-house team will be happy to carry out the proper shelf assembly for you.

anchoring with base plate
anchoring with base plate
anchoring with base plate

Assembly of the trusses

For the assembly of the trusses you need the following individual parts: a pre-assembled shelf upright, trusses and locking pins. You can easily hang the crossbars into the upright profile at the desired height. With the help of the safety pin, the crossbar is protected against accidental levering out. The height of the individual truss levels can be adjusted in increments of 5 centimeters.

The TOPREGAL pallet rack configurator

We sell only new pallet racks tested according to DIN EN 15512, which meet all legal requirements. The pallet rack consists of uprights, including braces, base plates, and cross beams, on which you store the goods. The powder-coated crossbars in pure orange RAL 2004 are simply plugged into the pallet rack uprights and secured with safety pins. The height of the crossbars can be adjusted individually in increments of 80 millimeters. The load capacity per Euro pallet is 1,000 kilograms. This corresponds to a shelf load of 3,000 kilograms load capacity per level.

The powder coated pallet rack uprights in signal blue RAL 5005 consist of a front and rear upright profile, which are bolted together by the screwed-in cross and diagonal braces, and two galvanized base plates, which are bolted into the floor with bolt anchors. The standard depth of the pallet rack uprights is 110 centimeters. This depth is used for longitudinal storage of Euro pallets. However, we also offer a depth of 80 centimeters for our pallet racks, for example, to store disposable pallets or other goods. The bay load, i.e. the load capacity between two uprights, is 9,000 kilograms. We carry heights from 200 to 550 centimeters in our standard range. On request, we also offer pallet racks up to a height of 7.5 meters, which can be supplied with higher bay loads on request.

You can also find pallet racks with mesh shelves or chipboard shelves in our complete offers and select them in the pallet rack configurator. In the pallet racking individual parts it is possible to purchase single gratings, wooden shelves or steel shelves to individualize your racking. The legally required load plates are always included in the price and scope of delivery. Any assembly material needed for proper assembly such as bolt anchors for floor fixing, locking pins to secure the crossbars, bolts, nuts and washers are also included in the price.

All complete pallet rack offers are in stock, so that we can usually have them delivered to you within one to three working days after receipt of order. Through our central warehouse, we ensure a speedy shipment of the goods.

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