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2,8 m Heavy-duty workbench basic table SLW1500 / 110 cm deep / 1,01 m high / levels: 2 / rack layer Wood

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Technical data
Article No. 14945
  • Model
  • Beam length
    2,700 mm
  • Version
    Basic table
  • Number of levels
  • Mobile
  • Rack layer
  • Width
    2,800 mm
  • Depth
    1,100 mm
  • Height
    1,010 mm
  • Max. Load per field
    4,500 kg
  • Max. Load per level
    3,000 kg
  • Max. Load per pallet
    1,000 kg
Delivery volume
  • 2 x packing table pallet rack upright 1.010 mm high / 110 cm deep
  • 4 x pallet-rack single beams 270 cm, unit load capacity: 1500 kg
  • 2 x pallet-rack wooden board, 180 cm x 110 cm, 38 mm thick
  • All accessories such as foot plates, screws, nuts and all material required for assembly
  • Load capacity label in accordance with German DGUV 108-007 specification
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Heavy-duty workbenches are highly customisable
  • Combination options thanks to the modular system
  • High-quality finish of the 2,8 m-wide workbench
  • Highest loads of up to 4.500 kg per unit possible
  • 38 mm-thick wooden board ideal for storing dry goods

Practical heavy-duty bench as basic table

Our heavy-duty workbenches can be customised and are robust, durable and meet the highest industrial quality standards. This makes them ideal for use as workbenches, worktables or for packing goods of any kind. This basic table is suitable as a standalone solution for particularly heavy workpieces. The modular system from TOPREGAL also makes it possible to combine other extension tables, as well as all other racks of the SLW1500 type, with this basic table. You can also extend your packing table with individual parts, such as uprights, beams and different rack layers, for a logistics solution with optimal customisation.

Process heavy workpieces: heavy-duty workbench with wooden board

This packing table with dimensions of 2,8 m x 110 cm x 1,01 m is equipped with 2 pallet rack wooden boards made from chipboard. This allows dry goods to be stored and processed. The wooden board can be placed securely on the orange painted beams with the supplied Z-plates. This design prevents the shelf from slipping and falling out and ensures occupational safety. The individual levels can be attached at increments of 50 mm. The usable contact area of this packing table is 270 cm.

This heavy-duty workbench has a maximum compartment load capacity of 3.000 kg per beam pair; the maximum unit load capacity (maximum load between two rack uprights, with even load distribution) of 4.500 kg must not be exceeded.

The packing tables from TOPREGAL can be easily assembled and disassembled as required and are therefore ideal for transporting to the workshop.

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Important information

All data refer to evenly distributed loads. When loaded, the shelf load and field load must not be exceeded. In principle, the current guidelines on safety and health at work (DGUV Rule 108-007 / BGR 234) apply during use. TOPREGAL accepts no liability for accidents/damage caused by improper use. Our expert advisory team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Dimensions given are approximate and may deviate by a few centimetres. Contact us if you need the exact dimensions for your desired product.