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Cleaning brush for the SWM50E scrubber dryer, diameter 490 mm, wipeket
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Article No. 121304-ET
  • Model
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  • Brush diameter
    490 mm
  • Range of application
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  • 1 x cleaning brush for the SWM50E scrubber dryer, diameter 490 mm

Quick and efficient cleaning

Our washing brush for the efficient SWM50E scrubber dryer makes it possible. The hard bristles on the 490 mm brush reliably remove even stubborn dirt. The hard material of the scrubber brush extends the service life of the bristles, making this a sustainable investment for your cleaning needs. This makes it ideal for hard, level and smooth surfaces such as tiles. The large diameter of the brush allows the floor cleaner to efficiently clean large areas.

It is also easy to attach to the machine using a rotating system, and can be changed in just a few easy steps to clean the brush. All you need to do is slide the wiper attachment brush or disc under the scrubber dryer, lift it up and turn it clockwise. The cleaning brush can be removed just as easily by tugging it gently and then turning it anticlockwise. The brush’s solid composite rotating disc is designed to be robust and durable, so the brush can be changed frequently or the machine subjected to prolonged use without significant wear and tear.

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High cleaning performance, efficient dirt removal and an ergonomic and comfortable working position – these are the principles on which all our cleaning machines are developed and produced. Experience the high quality of wipeket cost-effective cleaning equipment. more
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