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Type KR6000

Cantilever rack KR6000

The KR6000 cantilever rack is designed for loading the heaviest goods. 1000kg can be stored per cantilever and 3000kg per upright.

The rack is available in single & double sided versions. Double sided increases the upright load even to 6000kg.

The depth of the cantilever arms is either 75cm or 150cm and the arms can be hung individually for flexible use.

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Product description

Cantilever rack type KR6000

Heavy loads up to 6000KG
  • Rack height 2m - 6m
  • single + double sided cantilever racking with freely adjustable arms in a grid of 5cm in height
  • connection of cantilever uprights is made by cross and diagonal braces
  • upright profile is screwed to the base
  • BGR234-tested
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best price
  • All parts included


Painted for indoor use

Single + double-sided versions

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Hot-dip galvanized for outdoor use

Hot-dip galvanized racks for outdoor use

Overview uprights cantilever rack KR6000

One-sided upright

Stability due to T-beam

Double sided upright

2 different depths - 75cm arm depth (120cm foot depth) and 150cm arm depth (195cm foot depth)

Complete rack stand consists of a double C-profile and the foot part in the form of a T-beam (foot). The upright profile is screwed on the foot.

(see exploded view assembly upright)


Versions + mass

Stand load

One-sided max. 3000KG

Double sided max. 6000KG

Load capacities are valid with evenly distributed load

Mounting stand

Load on foot section

The area of the foot parts of the cantilever rack can be loaded infinitely.

Technical information

Fastening in the floor

Required parts:
Mounted shelf, bolt anchors

  • Drill holes: 12mm ∅, 100mm deep
  • Blow out holes
  • No floor bracket needed. Holes are already integrated / pre-drilled in the base section.
  • Drive in bolt anchor with base holder - nut should be flush with thread
  • Tighten anchor firmly
  • After tightening, the marking in the thread must not be visible!

Please note:
The bolt anchors must be fastened professionally.

Our in-house assembly team will gladly take over the professional assembly of your shelves.

Here you can learn more about our shelf assemblies

Axle dimension

  • The axle dimension describes the width of a shelf bay, as well as the distance between two uprights.
  • We offer two different axle dimensions in the widths 100cm & 150cm.
  • The different axle dimensions can be freely combined with each other.
  • Configure your cantilever rack individually with your desired bay lengths. Our racks can also be extended at any time due to the modular construction.

Assembly struts

Technical information

Assembly of cross and diagonal braces

Required individual parts:
Diagonal strut, cross strut, hexagon bolt, hexagon nut, washer

  1. The cross and diagonal braces are assembled using angle plate and M10*25 hexagon bolts + washers + nuts. The angle plate is attached directly to the upright profile using M10*80 hexagon bolts + washers + nuts.
  2. With a 17mm open-end wrench and a ratchet with 17mm nut, the assembly is done in a few minutes.

Diagonal braces + cross braces are used to stiffen between the uprights.

Cantilever arms

Max. Load per arm = 1000kg

Arm is suitable for single and double sided execution.

Arm load

  • Total load per cantilever arm
    Maximum 1000kg with evenly distributed load

Assembly cantilever arms

Technical information

Assembly of the cantilever arms

1. bring cantilever arm to desired height

2. hook in locking pin

3. attach safety pin

4. attach roll-off protection

Cantilever arm accessories

Magnetic tapes

For labeling storage and berths (wipeable & reusable)

Cantilever rack Rubber strip

Protects from scratching and slipping

Application examples

Optimal for long goods and heavy loads

Accessories - suitable for KR6000

Crash protection plank 40cm

different lengths available > to planks 40cm high

Crash protection plank 80cm

different lengths available > to the planks 80cm high

collision protection in L-shape

different heights available > to the collision protection in L-shape

Magnetic tapes

different widths available > to the magnetic tapes

collision protection in U-shape

different heights available > to the U-shaped collision protection

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