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Double sided cantilever racking

Double sided cantilever racking consist of T-shaped uprights to which cantilevers are attached (on both sides in the case of double-sided). Diagonal braces connect the individual uprights with each other. Cantilever racking is used for storing long goods, e.g. pipes, boards, bars or long metal goods. In the double-sided version for very heavy loads, the upright load is up to 6,000 kgThe two uprights are anchored to the base by bolt anchors (M16 x 120 mm) and fixed to the floorIt is important to ensure that the individual cantilever arms do not protrude beyond the base sections. To protect the stored goods from falling, so-called Roll-off safety devices to the cantilevers. 

TOPREGAL has different versions of cantilever racks for light, medium and heavy loads and optionally in hot-dip galvanised design in its range.