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Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is the term used to describe storage equipment in which horizontal "cantilevers" or brackets are attached to vertical supports. This special design is usually used to store long goods in a small area. The terms "cantilever" or "pre-cantilever" come from architecture. It refers to girders or components of structures which protrude or "project" at an alignment line. Common examples of cantilevers in everyday life are traffic signs along motorways that protrude from the central reservation or the edge of the road beyond the lanes.

"Cantilever arms" are also called "cantilever beams" or "cantilevered beams". In mechanics and structural analysis, they occur as horizontal beams or brackets clamped on one side, on which loads are suspended. The beam can also be considerably longer than it is high and wide. It is very important for stability that the supports are firmly anchored in the ground with the corresponding foot lengths.

A Cantilever racking consists of several vertical supports or girders which are not directly connected to each other and of the cantilevers which are either suspended or firmly welded. Cantilever racks are used wherever it is important to store larger loads in a space-saving manner, for example in craft enterprises, DIY stores or manufacturing companies. Often the respective loads are designed directly on the individual arms. Therefore, they usually have no floors and surfaces. However, the foot sections can be used as additional storage areas.

The TOPREGAL product range includes cantilever racking for light, heavy and very heavy loads between 250kg and 6,000kg. In addition to the assembly material, in particular the bolt anchors (M16x120mm), each delivery includes the necessary certificates and documents in the form of the load plates to be attached to the shelf supports as well as the operating and assembly instructions.

In addition to the cantilever racks also Storage shelves Pallet racks, Tyre racks and Inclined shelving to the TOPREGAL product portfolio.