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Pallet wrapper with 250 % pre-stretch, PWS1650, TecMaschin

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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 121482-1
  • Model
  • Max. Load
    2,000 kg
  • Weight
    560 kg
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    2,550 mm
  • Depth
    1,650 mm
  • Height
    2,460 mm
  • Outer diameter
    1,650 mm
  • Inner diameter
    76 mm - 254 mm
  • Speed
    12 rpm
  • Range of application
  • Power
    1,500 W
  • Voltage
    220 V
Delivery volume
  • 1 x Pallet wrapper with 250 % pre-stretch, PWS1650, TecMaschin
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Manual or programme-controlled operation as required
  • Very high throughput of 40 x/h
  • 250 % pre-stretch for saving film
  • For pallets with a max. height of 1.95 m
  • Max. turntable load capacity of up to 2.000 kg

Safe and quick packaging...

...is very easy with the semi-automatic pallet wrapper PWS1650 from TecMaschin. By using this robust and durable stretch wrapping machine, you can safely wrap pallets without any physical effort and with a throughput of 40 x/h. By using our pallet wrapping machine, you protect your products from falling over, damage and dirt during transport and storage. You can operate the PWS1650 either manually or programme-controlled and, in addition to the pre-installed programmes, you can also select and save your individual wrapping cycles. The wrapping machine also has a photocell for automatic height detection, which makes wrapping child's play. The PWS1650 Bundles pallets up to a height of 1.95 metres. The 1.650 mm large turntable with 12 rpm and a maximum load capacity of 2.000 kg secures your pallets effortlessly. Best of all, the pallet wrapper is delivered to you fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Cost-saving and sustainable thanks to pre-stretch

Compared to other pallet wrappers with mechanical and electromechanical film brakes, the PWS1650 has several rollers in the film carriage that pre-stretch the wrapping film. Thanks to this pre-stretch function, which can be set to up to 250 %, you save film and also optimise the stabilisation of the load, even with light pallets. The pre-stretch function turns one metre of film into up to 3.5 m.

Quick and easy operation with endless possibilities

Thanks to the individually storable programmes, the pallet wrapper PWS1650 does exactly what you want it to do. Among other things, you can adjust the number of horizontal head and foot wraps to suit your needs. The speed of the turntable and the film carriage can also be easily and continuously adjusted on the intuitive and clearly laid out control panel. The pallet stretch wrapper is supplied with 220 V operating voltage via the integrated plug, which can be connected to any standard 50 Hz socket. Transporting the pallet wrapper is also straightforward, as it has openings on the turntable that allow it to be picked up quickly with a forklift truck. This means that the PWS1650 can be used flexibly.

Note: To fully utilise the stretch function, you need LLDPE wrapping film that is designed for stretching up to 250 %. Furthermore, the thickness should be between 15 - 35 µm. The film should also have a width of 500 mm, a core diameter of 76 mm and a maximum outer diameter of 254 mm. It should also be noted that the machine does not have a built-in ramp, which is why the pallets cannot be placed on it using a hand pallet truck. Only transport the pallet wrapper with a forklift truck (not with a pallet truck).

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Delivery note

This item will be delivered by articulated lorry (40 t) with side/rear unloading. For this, a suitable lifting device (e.g., forklift) must be provided by the customer. Additional services, such as delivery via tail lift, truck-mounted forklift, or low-loader, are available at an extra charge.

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