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Cleaning brush for scrubber dryer SWM33, diameter 430 mm, wipeket

The SWM33 is an efficient, powerful scrubber dryer for cleaning medium-sized and large floors, providing thorough cleaning of up to 1.600 m²/h.

Clean quickly and cleanly

This is possible with our cleaning brush for the compact scrubber drier SWM33. The hard bristles, made of of the 430 mm large brush reliably remove even stubborn dirt with 170 rpm. The hard material of the scrub brush ensures longevity of the bristles and is therefore a sustainable investment for your cleaning needs. This makes it ideal for hard, flat and smooth surfaces such as tiles. The small diameter of the brush makes it easy to get into corners and to approach edges.

It is also easily attached to the machine by means of a swivel system and can be changed in just a few steps for cleaning the brush. To do this, simply slide the brush or the plate of the mop attachment under the scrubber-dryer, lift it up and turn it clockwise. Removing the cleaning brush is just as easily ensured by giving it a slight jerk and then turning it anti-clockwise. The brush's solid composite turntable is designed to be robust and durable, allowing frequent brush changes or prolonged use of the machine without much wear and tear.

Pro Tip:

Once a cleaning brush is full of dirt, it needs to be cleaned. In this case, it is worth buying a second brush, as this avoids downtimes of the cleaning machine.

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