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Scrubber dryer SWM50E with 2.200 m²/h battery, brush diameter 490 mm, wipeket

The cordless power machine

Bigger, faster, better. The SWM50E is a real racehorse among scrubber dryers. With its large washing brush, it quickly cleans virtually any interior surface without any problems, as well as being cordless thanks to the integrated batteries. This makes for a very high degree of manoeuvrability in a variety of different spaces.

Fast, manoeuvrable, efficient

The brush disc’s extra-large diameter of 490 mm allows it to make short work of cleaning large areas. Both the suction motor and the brush motor have a high power of 550 W and, like the water supply, can be switched on and off separately. This means that the floor cleaning machine reliably cleans different surfaces without leaving any residue, dry or wet. The ergonomic handle allows the pedestrian scrubber dryer to be used comfortably. Together with its large diameter, the 200 rpm washing brush and its contact pressure of 25 kg, the high cleaning performance ensures rapid cleaning of surfaces at up to 2.200 m²/h, so you can clean interiors in no time.

Added to this is a compact design and the resulting high manoeuvrability of the device, making it a reliable partner when it comes to efficient and fast surface cleaning. It is also battery-powered and therefore cordless, with two maintenance-free 12 V Lead-gel batteries. These have a battery life of 4 h of continuous use. The device charges fully in 6 - 8 h, ready for the next cleaning job. The battery level of the compact scrubber dryer can be viewed at any time on the convenient charge indicator near the handle. Together with the timer, you will never lose track of the battery level or operating time.

Comfortably clean large areas

The clean water tank holds 45 l and can be filled easily and conveniently with a valve on the top of the scrubber dryer. This allows large surfaces to be cleaned quickly on a single charge. The waste water tank holds 50 l, allowing dirt and contamination to be completely collected. It can be emptied effortlessly through the waste water hose. The large 762 mm wide suction lip ensures optimum drying results and leaves no water residues on the floor. The vacuum and brush motor and the water flow can be switched on separately using three switches.

With the SWM50E you can work flexibly and comfortably with high performance on different kinds of surfaces, making it an efficient cleaning solution for floors. 

Do not place the machine in rooms where the temperature could drop below freezing, as this will damage the nozzles and pipes.

Heavy duty machine, clean cleaning

The SWM50E large scrubber dryer from wipeket is mainly suitable for hard industrial floors. Thus, tiles, terazzo, resistant wood floors and stone floors can be easily cleaned with the cordless cleaning device. Softer materials, such as plastic surfaces, carpets or mats may be damaged by the 149 kg heavy machine. Feel free to contact our customer service should you have any questions about a suitable cleaning machine for your floor.

Spare parts for the SWM50E are available from us at a reasonable price.

For free: Every online purchase of our scrubber dryers includes one bottle of all-purpose cleaner free of charge.

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High cleaning performance, efficient dirt removal and an ergonomic and comfortable working position – these are the principles on which all our cleaning machines are developed and produced. Experience the high quality of wipeket cost-effective cleaning equipment.