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Wet and dry vacuum cleaner NTS80, 3.000 W tipping chassis, 80 l, wipeket

Reliable all-purpose vacuum cleaner

The NTS80 vacuums dry and wet, both small soiling and debris from a wide variety of surfaces, making it a real all-purpose vacuum cleaner. The powerful, low-noise 3.000 W Motor ensures powerful cleaning performance on floors, leather seats, fabrics and other surfaces with a suction power of up to 250 mbar. This generates a stable air flow with 120 l/s. The different attachments can be used to remove a wide variety of dirt such as dust, sand, debris, liquids and small metal parts from surfaces without leaving any residue. The dust attachment for dry cleaning, the wet attachment for damp dirt and liquids, the round brush and the crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach areas are included in the scope of delivery. The dirt is reliably sucked up by the flexible 270 mm long hose with 45 mm Diameter hose, collected by the robust metal container and held until disposal. The fine-meshed class M filter ensures that particularly small dust particles don't stand a chance. Class M stands for a maximum degree of permeability of less than 0,1 % and is therefore extremely suitable for metal dust or fine wood shavings.

Convenient handling, whatever the cleaning task

The large recovery tank with 80 l Volume ensures long use without the hassle of emptying and therefore efficiency when cleaning large areas. Thanks to the innovative tilting chassis with stainless steel handle, the NTS80 is easy to move and transport to any location. The low weight of 32 kg and the 4 castors (two swivel castors, two fixed castors) ensure good handling during use. The compact design also allows the appliance to be stowed away to save space. The length of the cable ensures uninterrupted, efficient cleaning work in medium to large rooms and is therefore ideal for office buildings, hotels, workshops, markets and other public places. The easily removable upper part of the vacuum cleaner and the reclosable drain hose mean that emptying can be done in just a few simple steps.


Do not place the wet/dry vacuum cleaner in rooms where temperatures could fall below freezing point, as this will damage the pipes. Do not use the NTS80 to vacuum up chemicals.

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High cleaning performance, efficient dirt removal and an ergonomic and comfortable working position – these are the principles on which all our cleaning machines are developed and produced. Experience the high quality of wipeket cost-effective cleaning equipment.