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The right conference table for your company is quickly found with these tips.

People come together at the conference table, spread out printed concepts on it. Writing, marking and typing in the meeting room, sometimes for several hours, and discussing over a strong cup of coffee until the result is right. A conference table must be able to withstand a lot and have an easy-care and insensitive surface that can be easily wiped clean, even if a pen or highlighter is dragged too briskly across the paper. Or if drinks are spilled or the notebook mouse spends hours on it.

The cable duct - almost invisible, but indispensable

The best choice for a modern meeting table is a conference table with a cable channel. This allows the cables of the presentation equipment to disappear quickly and easily into the table. Especially today, when meetings almost always take place with beamers and notebooks, a conference table should do justice to this fact and have at least one cable shaft and cable channel.

Size does matter! - At least when buying a new conference table

The size and shape of the new conference table needs to be carefully considered: a table that is too small will have to be replaced sooner or later, or it will limit the work enormously - a table that is too large can visually smother a small room and deprive the conference participants of the room to move around that is often necessary. Therefore, the number of people should be chosen generously but not utopian. The optimal conference table for small and medium-sized companies is designed for about eight people: two to three people can sit comfortably at the table during a job interview without feeling lost as they would at a meeting table that is too large; but strategy meetings with many decision-makers at the table are also no problem with a conference table for 8 - 10 people. However, if you can fill a large meeting room, you should also choose a correspondingly large conference table so that the room and the table fit in terms of size. A conference table that is too small in a large meeting room quickly looks lost and puny. The rule here is "don't spill it, make it big!" - a conference table for 12 - 14 people is then just right for you.

The larger a table is, the more attention must be paid to its stability. Here, conference tables with a continuous skid frame instead of conventional table legs have proven to be extremely stable and steadfast. Even the most intensive writing or gesture-rich presentation of the person sitting next to you won't bother you.

Of course, it's not just the conference table that makes an impression - it's the harmonious ensemble with matching and comfortable conference chairs that completes your meeting room. Best then directly in the conference table set: table and matching number of chairs with just one click.

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