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Mobile MFW1000 worktable with castors, 2.3m wide with 2xWS4 and 2xWST tool cabinets, 80cm deep, table height 94cm
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 19961
  • Number of levels
  • Mobile
  • Table layer
    Multiplex board
  • Width
    2.300 mm
  • Depth
    800 mm
  • Height
    940 mm
  • Max. Load per level
    500 kg
Delivery volume
  • 2 MFW1000 workbench uprights 94cm high / 80cm deep with castors
  • 4 MFW1000 workbench single beams 210cm, unit load capacity: 500kg
  • 2 MFW1000 workbench panels 80cm deep
  • 2 WS4 tool cabinets with four drawers, 57cm high / 54cm wide / 74.5cm deep
  • 2 WST tool cabinets with blue door, 57cm high, 54cm wide/ 74.5cm deep
  • 1 25mm-thick multiplex board, beech
  • All accessories such as foot plates, screws, nuts and all material required for assembly are included

This offer is a mobile multifunctional workbench MFW1000 from the company Topregal, tested according to BGR234. Discover our product novelty and the advantages of the MFW1000! Thanks to the MFW1000 multifunctional workbench developed by us, you will always remain flexible and can adapt the workbench to your individual needs - even afterwards. The system was developed by the company Topregal and a patent has been applied for. You need other dimensions or you have questions? Please call us! Under 07158-984391 we are available for you at any time. This workbench is specially designed for commercial and industrial use and is particularly suitable for robust use. We offer a warranty of 5 years for this item.

The construction of the multifunctional workbench MFW1000 corresponds to the industry standard. The load capacity per level is 500kg. The load capacity of the entire workbench is 1000kg. These data are valid with evenly distributed load. The tool cabinets WST (with hinged door) or WS4 (with drawers) included in the scope of delivery have been developed in combination with the MFW1000 and matched to each other. Just like the table supports, the cabinets can simply be placed on the step crossbars and fix themselves in place thanks to their special design. In the mobile version, the workbench has four movable castors with locking brake and is therefore also suitable for mobile use, as a monthly trolley, tool trolley and workshop trolley. The castors can be mounted and dismounted variably - even afterwards. The outer dimension of the workbench is 230 cm. The usable support surface (inner dimension) is 220 cm per level. The workbench is 94 cm high and 80 cm deep. The workbench has two levels. On the upper one, there is a multiplex beech wood board as standard, which is used as a worktop. The top has been specially treated with hard wax oil, which protects it from penetration of oil, water and other liquids into the wood. Different table supports (chipboard/multiplex/steel/grid) or tool cabinets (WST or WS4) can be inserted on the lower level. The tool cabinets are supplied with 2 keys each for locking. Optionally, the workbench can be equipped with a perforated grid at the rear. Common applications, such as tool and screw holders or similar, can be inserted and fixed in the perforated grid here. The perforated wall is 500mm high and is screwed to the workbench in combination with longer upright profiles and also prevents objects on the workbench from falling down. Alternatively, a simple push-through safety device can be attached. Raised stand profiles are not necessary for this. The table levels (traverses) are individually adjustable in height in a grid of 50mm. Due to the possibility of individual arrangement of the levels, you can adapt this workbench to your ideas at any time and lock it in the ideal working height. The crossbars are secured with safety pins against unintentional levering out, thus enabling safe working. The table stands are finished off at the top with two specially made panels to ensure that they are largely flush and to improve the appearance and handling. The cover is plugged on and is thus easy to place. If a perforated wall is attached, an additional panel is screwed on here. Due to our plug-in system, it is possible to easily assemble or disassemble the MFW1000 multifunctional workbench at any time. Thus it remains expandable and can be retrofitted at any time. Furthermore, it can be transported ideally due to its small space requirement in dismantled condition. All individual parts used in this article come from our storage rack range and are therefore compatible.

You need other dimensions or you have questions? Please call us! Under 07158-984391 we are available for you at any time.


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