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Mobile MFW1000 workbench, 2.3m wide with wooden shelf & 1xWS4 and 1xWST tool cabinet, 80cm deep, table height 94cm
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 19962
  • Number of levels
  • Mobile
  • Table layer
    Multiplex board
  • Width
    2.300 mm
  • Depth
    800 mm
  • Height
    940 mm
  • Max. Load per level
    500 kg
Delivery volume
  • 2 MFW1000 workbench uprights 94cm high / 80cm deep with castors
  • 4 MFW1000 workbench single beams 220cm, unit load capacity: 500kg
  • 2 MFW1000 workbench panels 80cm deep
  • 1 WS4 tool cabinets with four drawers, 57cm high / 54cm wide / 74.5cm deep
  • 1 WST tool cabinets with blue door, 57cm high, 54cm wide/ 74.5cm deep
  • 1 25mm-thick multiplex board, beech
  • 1 MFW1000 workbench wooden shelf 110cm wide, 80cm deep, unit load capacity: 500kg
  • All accessories such as foot plates, screws, nuts and all material required for assembly are included

This offer is a BGR234-approved mobile MFW1000 multipurpose workbench from TOPREGAL. Discover our new product and the advantages of the MFW1000! Our MFW1000 multipurpose workbench allows you to always remain flexible and to adapt the workbench to your individual needs – even retrospectively. The system was developed and a patent for it applied for by TOPREGAL. Do you need other dimensions or do you have any questions? Give us a call!  You can reach us any time. The number is +49 (0)7158-984391. This workbench has been specially designed for commercial/industrial operation and is particularly suitable for robust applications. We offer a 5-year guarantee on this product.

The MFW1000 multipurpose workbench is built to industry standards. The load capacity per level is 500kg. The load capacity of the entire workbench is 1000kg. These specifications apply to evenly distributed loads. The WST tool cabinets (with hinged door) or WS4 (with drawers) included in the delivery volume were developed in combination and designed to be used together with the MFW1000. Just like the table tops and shelves, the cabinets can be simply placed on the stepped beams and fix themselves in place thanks to their special design. The wooden shelf (110cm) also included in the offer can be placed between the two cabinets. The mobile version of the workbench has four swivel castors with brakes and is therefore also suitable for mobile use as an assembly trolley, tool trolley and workshop trolley. The castors can be assembled and disassembled variably – even retrospectively. The external dimension of the workbench is 230 cm. The usable area (inside dimension) per level is 220 cm. The workbench is 94cm high and 80 cm deep. The workbench has two levels. On the upper level there is a beech multiplex board as standard, which is used as a worktop. The boards have been specially treated with linseed-oil varnish and therefore prevent oil, water and other liquids penetrating the wood. On the lower level, different shelves (chipboard / multiplex / steel / galvanised mesh) or tool cabinets (WST or WS4) can be inserted. The tool cabinets can be locked and are supplied with 2 keys each. As an option, the workbench can be equipped with a perforated back panel. Commonly used items, such as tool and screw holders, etc. can be inserted and fixed to the perforated panel. The perforated panel is 500mm high and is screwed to the workbench in combination with longer uprights and also prevents the objects on the workbench from falling off. Alternatively, simple push-through protection can be fitted. No raised uprights are needed for this. The desk levels (beams) can be attached at individual heights in increments of 50mm. Being able to arrange the levels individually means you can adapt this rack to your needs and set it at the optimum work height at any time. The beams are secured using safety pins to prevent them accidentally being lifted out and thus enable safe working. The table uprights are closed at the top with two specially made covers to ensure that they are as flush as possible and to improve the appearance and handling. The cover is simply put on and is thus easy to position. When attaching a perforated panel, an additional cover is screwed on here. Our plug-in system makes it possible to assemble or disassemble the MFW1000 multipurpose workbench easily. It can therefore be expanded at any time and can be retrofitted. Furthermore, due to its compact dimensions, it can be ideally transported when dismantled. All individual parts used in this product come from our storage rack range and are thus compatible.

Do you need other dimensions or do you have any questions? Give us a call!  You can reach us any time. The number is +49 (0)7158-984391.


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