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Many variations and even more applications cover trolleys and carts of all kinds in everyday work. Whether in the form of a table trolley, picking trolley, platform trolley or even magazine trolley. Special trolleys, such as the tool trolley or workshop trolley. Here tools and small parts can be stored perfectly secured and yet they are never more than a reach away. Or the plate trolley, which effortlessly transports large-format and therefore bulky goods safely.

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Pneumatic tires, plastic tires or solid rubber tires: The tires make the difference

Depending on where the new trolley is to be used and how often, it is important to consider which tires are the most suitable for the job. A pneumatic tire is variable and can be adjusted to the goods to be moved, if necessary, to ensure that the wheels get a good start - no matter how heavy. A pneumatic tire also copes perfectly with almost any surface: whether wet, slippery or uneven. However, a hand truck with pneumatic tires can go flat and need to be repaired. This does not happen with a hand truck with solid rubber tires. Especially indoors, where sharp objects can be run over, the solid rubber tire is the better option. This variant is perfect for continuous use. However, before purchasing, you should remember that solid rubber tires are somewhat louder than pneumatic tires. Plastic tires are usually the noisiest - but these are also extremely durable, as there is hardly any abrasion. But the thermoplastic elastomer used in our products, TPE for short, is also convincing here with its quiet but powerful movement properties. The low rolling resistance despite enormous load-bearing capacity are perfectly combined here. Plastic tires are therefore also popular for special carts.

For bulky goods: panel truck or panel trolley

If bulky wooden boards or plastic sheets have to be transported from A to B, then you are well advised to use our plate cart. Here there is a choice of tires: pneumatic tires or solid rubber tires. If the plates to be transported need to be protected from eruption, a cushioning pneumatic tire is the safer choice. However, the plate trolley with solid rubber tires impresses in robustness and durability.

Everything moved quickly and easily: table trolleys & magazine trolleys in operation

Whether outdoors, indoors or in both areas in use. Magazine trolleys or platform trolleys are used in almost all businesses for convenient transport of smaller goods, such as copy paper, packages or whatever else needs to be moved within the work environment. All tier elements are made of durable and visually appealing beech-look wood, fitted into a trolley structure made of powder-coated tubular steel.

Workshop trolley and tool cabinet - according to your wishes

A cabinet that offers space for all tools and small parts and follows you wherever you go? We have it! Not just one, but many. Preconfigured in the variant with one cabinet and six drawers in light gray/anthracite or in our shelf colors blue/orange with, for example, 4 drawer elements and one cabinet element. By the way, the most popular variant is the tool cabinet with drawer elements on both sides. The drawers and cabinets are lockable and also mobile thanks to the swivel casters. Actually, all our mobile shelves can be designed and equipped according to individual needs: As a mobile tire rack for wheels & rims, as a mobile workbench equipped with perforated back wall and tool holder set, as a mobile small divider rack or whatever you want to configure freely. We are also happy to help you with the configuration of your desired mobile shelf. more
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