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Which shelf support fits me?

Wooden boards
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Chipboard, for storage of dry stored goods, e.g. cardboard boxes
Steel boards
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For storage of e.g. liquids or in more humid rooms

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Product description

Buy shelf rack type FB200

  • Shelf height: 2 meters to 3 meters
  • Shelf depths available in 30 centimeters or 50 centimeters
  • Shelf length: 100 centimeters
  • Levels individually adjustable in increments of 5 centimeters
  • Simple plug-in construction, can be extended at any time
shelf rack
  • Check iconDIN EN 15512-tested
  • Check iconSimple construction
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Shelf racks in best quality

Voluntary testing of our shelving racks

We have our shelf racks, file racks and other products subjected to external quality tests every year. In this way, we ensure consistently high quality of industrial shelving and co. at all times.

During the tests, the racks are tested for load, rigidity and stability.

The published load capacity specifications for our shelving systems are based on the DIN EN 15512 standard.

Please refer to the load plates included in the delivery for the maximum shelf and bay loads.

Proven safety

Shelf depths and examples of use

Shelf depths

A depth of 30 centimeters is ideal for files in the factory, office and warehouse.

Shelf depths

A depth of 50 centimeters is suitable for boxes - creating more order in the factory, office and warehouse.

Overview of uprights for shelving type FB200


  • Height: 2 to 3 meters
  • Bay load: 1000 kilograms
  • Complete upright including braces and foot parts

Uprights for shelving and file racks




Bay, shelf and point load

Bay load: maximum 1000 kilograms

  • Total load capacity between two rack uprights

shelving and file racks

Shelf load: maximum 200 kilograms  per level

  • Total load capacity per truss level

shelving and file racks

Point load per base plate with evenly distributed load: 
maximum 500 kilograms

  • Load generated by the rack upright acting on the foundation in a point-like manner

shelving and file racks

Technical information about shelf racks and file racks

Assembly of the base plate

Simple assembly of the foot plate to the rack upright profile:

Fasten the foot plate to the upright profile using an M6 bolt with associated nut.

Assembly of the base plate

Our in-house assembly team will be happy to carry out the professional shelf assembly for you.

Learn more about shelf assembly

Assembly of the base plate

Modular construction

Cross beams can be hooked into the upright from both directions.

To the individual parts

Modular construction

Axle dimension for shelf racks

  • The axis dimension describes the width of a shelf bay, as well as the distance between two uprights.
  • Our shelf racks have an axis dimension of 100 centimeters.

To the individual parts

Axle dimension

Assembly of the cross beams

cross beams

Further technical information

Easy assembly due to plug-in construction

Required components
:uprights, longitudinal beams, cross beams, shelves

Hang the longitudinal and cross beams into the upright profiles.

Then insert the shelf into the steps, which thus sits securely in the shelf.



The right support for shelf racks

Steel shelf for shelf racks

Steel shelf

The steel shelf support is 100 centimeters wide and impresses with its robust construction.

Steel shelf

The easily wiped surface also guarantees easy maintenance.

Wooden shelf for shelving

Wooden shelf

The wooden shelf support is 100 centimeters wide and has a shelf thickness of 16 millimeters.

Wooden shelf

This shelf is noise-absorbing and can also be used on both sides.

Assembly of the shelves

Assembly of the shelves

Buy shelving: flexible, affordable, modular

Buying a shelving system from TOPREGAL means getting a high-quality, low-priced shelving system for your warehouse that is easy to assemble and extremely flexible in use thanks to its modular design. With four different heights between 1.8 and 3 meters, a freely selectable number of levels and an almost unlimited installation width, the FB200 modular shelving system has the adaptability you desire. This makes it suitable for almost any warehouse. In addition, you can still choose between a steel shelf and a wooden shelf as a level for insertion when you buy your shelf rack from us. Both materials offer their individual advantages.

The simple plug-in system makes it easy to assemble the shelf racks. One upright consists of two galvanized upright profiles. In turn, you connect these to another upright by means of a crossbar, which you hook into the recesses, in order to ensure the necessary stability. Whether steel floor or wooden floor - once a level is inserted, this provides the construction with additional stability. The base plates, at the end of each upright profile are firmly screwed to them. This gives you a maximum shelf load of 200 kilograms and a point load per upright of 500 kilograms, if you buy the FB200 shelf rack. You can choose between 30 and 50 centimeters for the depth of the shelf rack and thus compose the optimal storage area for you.

Buy stand-alone solution with FB500 shelving system

Shelf racks have to meet different requirements. Thus, they differ in terms of crossbar length, height, shelf and width. A special factor for storage racks is the load. Here, a distinction must be made between bay load, shelf load and point load. The bay load describes the weight that may be applied between two rack uprights. The point load is the weight that rests on an upright profile and thus hits the floor at a point. The shelf load lies in between. This describes the load that may be applied to one level.

The modular shelving system of TOPREGAL GmbH has a shelf load of 200 kilograms. In most applications this is absolutely sufficient. For particularly heavy goods, however, this shelf should not always be the right thing, because a permanent deformation of the construction up to breakage is possible. The FB500 stand-alone shelf solves this challenge. With a shelf load of 500 kilograms, you can store even heavy items. The level depths between 45 and 60 centimeters in this shelving also provide deeper goods with enough space in your warehouse. Thus, the FB500 shelving system is a useful addition to our product portfolio and your warehouse.

Service for file racks, shelf racks and more

Flexible solutions in the shelving sector require a flexible service as well as an excellent team in the background. In the case of file racks, shelf racks and other products from the field of storage technology, numerous and often obscure legal requirements must be met. All our shelves are tested according to DGUV: 108-007. You will receive a suitable load label for each shelf, which you attach visibly to the shelf.

Our shelving professionals will be happy to help you decide which shelf to buy for your application. In addition, we offer an assembly service that ensures that shelving units, file racks and wide span racks are professionally assembled. If required, our team will also carry out regular shelf inspections at your premises. You can easily find out when the next inspection is due on the enclosed load plate.

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