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Buy heavy-duty racks at TOPREGAL

Heavy-duty racks are the heart of every warehouse and serve to hold a wide variety of stored goods. In order to be able to cover the most diverse requirements for heavy-duty shelving, TOPREGAL GmbH has specialized in a selected range of products from the field of storage technology. Therefore, you can choose from the different types of heavy-duty racks such as pallet racks, storage racks or multifunctional racks, the right one for your company. Alternatively, use our pallets racking configurator, with which you can individually compile the model that meets all your requirements for the perfect heavy-duty racking in your warehouse.

The best way to buy a heavy-duty rack is in our heavy-duty rack store. We offer an extensive selection of different heavy-duty racks for your warehouse. This includes, for example, our robust pallet racking systems for the storage of common Euro pallets or our flexible warehouse racking system, which is ideal for handling stored goods by hand. Furthermore, in the category of heavy-duty racks you will find cantilever racks for the storage of long and standing goods, tire racks, drum racks as well as shelving rackings.

All storage racks comply with the industrial standard and thus offer a high load capacity as well as a long service life. Finally, we have a high demand on the quality of our products. For this reason, all heavy-duty racks from our store are tested according to the German well known DGUV regulation 108-007 or DIN EN 15512. This test includes a test for load capacity, stability and strength. Thus, you can be sure that your heavy-duty shelving meets all legal requirements.

Basically, all our heavy-duty shelving in our store use the plug-in assembly and are therefore easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition, you can flexibly convert and expand the shelving afterwards if you buy accessories for your heavy-duty shelving.

Ready-made, high-quality heavy-duty shelves are represented in the store, as well as shelf components and practical accessories for the extension of already existing shelves. So if your warehouse is already sufficiently equipped with heavy-duty shelving, and you are looking for practical additions for your work processes, feel free to have a look at our workbenches and packing tables as well as our mobile shelving and tables. You can use the configurator to customize these to your individual needs if necessary, and they are definitely recommended for increased convenience in the warehouse.

Whether you are buying heavy-duty shelving or looking for individual parts, factory equipment or entire room systems: Your safety and that of your team is especially important to us. For this reason, we would like to recommend the products for your protection: from rack collision protection and machine protection to barriers and markings.

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