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Several tonnes of stored goods are moved in warehouses every day. Pallet trucks are particularly suitable for quickly transporting goods in a back-friendly manner when using pallet racks in the warehouse. The pallet truck with its fork passes under the load to be moved and, in the case of a classic hand pallet truck, the load is lifted in a few seconds using a manual tow bar pump unit. Equipped with suitable castors – a larger steering castor under the tow bar and smaller fork castors in the fork shoe – pallet trucks move best on a smooth surface.

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Every warehouse needs a pallet truck like this

Traditionally, goods in warehouses and production facilities are moved using hand pallet trucks. The simplest and most durable form is the manual forklift truck, which is operated using muscle power. They are perfectly suited for the easy transport of EUR pallets or similar goods that they can roll underneath. Above all, manual pallet trucks hit the mark in terms of price, because compared to electrically operated and larger models, a manual pallet truck is inexpensive. They also don’t require any power supply or intensive maintenance. Furthermore, employees do not need a special driving licence and using them is self-explanatory and simple. These are just a few of the many reasons why they are a must-have in any warehouse with, for example, pallet racks. It also makes sense for these racks to be equipped with shelf collision protection – this is a requirement for commercial operation that is checked annually as part of the rack inspection.

Design and operation of a hand pallet truck

A manually operated pallet truck consists of a control element called a tow bar, a fork and wheels. The castors are distinguished between a swivel castor under the tow bar and the fork castors, which are located in the front areas of the fork. The material pallet trucks are made of has to withstand a lot and preferably consists of durable steel – often powder-coated in a clearly visible colour. To allow easy maintenance of the hydraulics, there is often a so-called grease nipple on the side of the pallet truck. The tow bar has a lever incorporated into the handle that controls whether the load is raised or lowered. To pick up the load, the fork is driven completely under the pallet. The lever in the tow bar handle is lowered and then the fork is raised to the desired height by pumping the tow bar. Squeezing the lever lowers the load. more
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