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Load capacity diagram

A load capacity diagram for a stacker and forklift truck also known as a load chart or load curve, is a visual representation of the maximum load capacity of the truck in relation to the lifting height and the load center of gravity. It helps operators to use the forklift safely by showing the safe limits of the load and lifting height. In practice, this ensures that the permissible load limits are not exceeded and that the forklift truck is operated safely.

A load capacity diagram helps with the planning and safe handling of loads, especially when working at great heights. It informs the operator how much weight can be lifted safely, depending on the lifting height and the load's center of gravity, thus helping to prevent accidents and damage.

What does a load capacity chart say and how do I read it correctly?

The load capacity:

The load capacity chart shows how much weight the truck can safely lift at different lift heights and load center distances.

The X-axis and Y-axis:

The x-axis shows the lift height, i.e. the height up to which a forklift can lift the load.

The y-axis shows the load capacity, i.e. the weight that a forklift truck can lift at the respective lifting height.

The limit curves:

The curves in the diagram represent the maximum loads at different lifting heights. The safe operating range of the forklift truck is located within the curve. Outside the curve there is a risk of tipping or other stability problems.

The load center distance:

The diagram also takes into account the load center of gravity distance, which is usually assumed to be a fixed value (e.g. 500 mm) and evenly distributed, i.e. centered on the fork. The further away the load center of gravity is from the fork carriage / fork carriage, the lower the load capacity.


Load capacity diagram example of a forklift truck

  • A. Lifting height (mm)
  • B. Load capacity (kg)
  • C. Load center distance (mm)