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New products

Here you will find our future top sellers. No matter whether cleaning equipment, operating technology or any other division, if you are interested in what is in planning with us, you will find it here. All articles will of course be available later in the usual TOPREGAL quality and at the usual conditions. If you are interested in advance, you are welcome to ask for further information about the products.

Ride-on scrubber-dryer SWA70, 3300 m²/h, wipeket

In may, our brand wipeket also gets a new addition. The SWA70, a battery-powered ride-on scrubber-dryer, with which you can quickly and comfortably clean up to 3300 m² / hour. The SWA70 convinces especially with its compact dimensions (1265 x 600 x 1030 mm) and the small turning radius. Equipped with two 12 V batteries, the scrubber-dryer has a running time of up to 5 hours and is therefore ideal for medium to large rooms. The 70 L capacities of the fresh water/ and waste water tank allow a long usage time without constant refilling or emptying.

The 550 W brushed motor and 160 rpm brush ensure that smooth tile, concrete, epoxy resin floors and other surfaces are easily cleaned of tough dirt. The SWA70 impresses with the easy installation of the brush and squeegee, as well as the conveniently readable battery charge level and fresh water level. The built-in emergency stop switch ensures safe use.

Expected availability from: May 2021 Need more information?
Ride-on sweeper AKM80, working efficiency 8400m²/h

Our new AKM80 ride-on sweeper from wipeket cleans both indoor and outdoor areas with an effective cleaning performance of 8400 m²/h. It achieves this with its powerful drive motor (800 W). The innovative brush system, which consists of two side brushes and a main brush on the bottom of the machine, allows a cleaning width of 1250 mm and gets into corners and edges at the same time. The 80 L dust container and the high battery capacity, which promises a runtime of 5 - 6 hours, guarantee long work cycles at a stretch without frequent interruptions. The 10 L fresh water tank allows the floor to be moistened beforehand by means of a spray mist so that no dust is stirred up. The dirty water also collects in the dust tank and can be easily disposed of. The low weight of 396 kg and the compact dimensions (1250 x 1300 x 1500 mm) ensure good handling of the practical cleaning machine. The brushes can be switched on independently of the spray mist.

Expected availability from: June 2021 Need more information?
Mobile air conditioner KAL9000, 315 x 310 x 698mm, 9000BTU/h

The KAL9000 portable air conditioner from TecMaschin is an exceptional addition to our range of business equipment. The compact air conditioner convinces with a high cooling capacity of 9000 BTU/h. This makes this unit ideal for warm days in the office, workshop or warehouse. Equipped with 4 swivel castors and a low weight (22.5 kg), the KAL9000 is very easy to transport and can therefore be used flexibly. The 1.8 m long cable can be connected to any standard socket. With a high cooling capacity, the unit is designed for rooms of 20 m², but can also be used well in rooms with a larger floor area. Condensed water, which accumulates during the cooling process, collects in the 600 ml tank below the cooling device. This can be conveniently emptied via a drain valve. The visually appealing control panel on the top of the air conditioner allows you to adjust the temperature (16 ° - 32 °C), timer, fan speed and dehumidification in several stages. This allows you to create exactly the room climate you want.

Expected availability from: June 2021 Need more information?
Electric barrel pump FP60, 880W nominal power, 60l/min.

The electric barrel pump FP60 makes it easy to empty and transfer drums, tanks and canisters. This way you avoid annoying pumping or transferring hydraulic oil, petrol, diesel or water. With an effective pumping capacity of 60 L/min, a container is pumped out within a very short time. The compact dimensions (100 x 230 x 250 mm) of the housing, the ergonomic handle and the low weight of 2.79 kg allow easy handling of the practical device. Here, the locking button on the handle provides additional comfort, as the trigger does not have to be held continuously. The 920 mm long aluminium tube is robustly designed. A hose connection with a diameter of 32 mm is located on the splash-proof housing of the pump in order to be able to fill the pumped-off liquid into another container. A suitable 2 m long PVC hose is also included with the unit. The barrel pump operates with 220 V / 50 Hz and can therefore be connected to any standard socket.

Expected availability from: June 2021 Need more information?
Anti-fatigue mats puzzle system

Our new modular puzzle rubber mats increase comfort at work. The 6 mm thick anti-slip mats promise more comfortable standing and less strain on the back and legs. This increases employee satisfaction, health and thus also the working atmosphere in your company. The system can be assembled modularly from 50 x 50 cm centre panels, 50 x 8.5 cm side panels and 8.5 x 8.5 cm corner panels and thus fits perfectly in your workshop, warehouse, kitchen, office, etc. The side panels and corner panels are removable. The side and corner parts are flattened so that the transition to normal flooring is pleasant and no tripping hazard is created. Coupled with the signal colour yellow, this increases operational safety. The mats are made of chemical-resistant PVC, which also insulates against cold. They increase the slip resistance of the employees, which additionally ensures safety at the workplace. Improve your working environment with our new abrasion-resistant anti-fatigue mats.

Expected availability from: July 2021 Need more information?
Hand pallet truck made of stainless steel, load capacity 2000kg, fork length 1150mm

The new hand pallet truck from SolidHub is made of scratch-resistant stainless steel and is therefore particularly durable and resistant to corrosion and the effects of acids. Due to its design and material, the hand pallet truck is perfectly suited for areas with high hygiene requirements, such as the food industry, canteens or medical facilities. With a fork length of 1150 mm and a total fork width of 550 mm, the robust transport device can easily pick up Euro pallets and mesh pallets. Once the forks have been moved underneath the goods to be transported, they can be raised to a height of up to 200 mm by manual pumping. With a minimum height of 85 mm, the lift of the device is 115 mm. The large nylon rollers with a diameter of 180 mm easily overcome any obstacle close to the ground. Just like the mechanical steering, these are very smooth-running and thus ensure pleasant handling of the stainless steel hand pallet truck. The low tare weight of 68 kg also contributes to this.

Expected availability from: August 2021 Need more information?
Manual sweeper SKM55, 3360 m²/h, wipeket

The manual sweeper SKM55 from wipeket enables you to clean your floors optimally and professionally. Thanks to the 1000 mm sweeping width, areas with up to 3360 m²/h indoors and outdoors are thoroughly cleaned. The SKM55 was designed for frequent and professional use and effortlessly picks up dirt such as dust, leaves, sand, gravel, cans, crown caps, metal chips and much more. The compact cleaning machine makes use of the 2-step principle: First, the counter-rotating disc brooms lift the coarse dirt. Then the additional sweeping roller sweeps up the fine dirt and transports it into the container behind it, which has a collection volume of 55 litres. After cleaning, the container can be easily removed and emptied. Thanks to the laterally protruding disc brooms, you can reach even the smallest corners with the SKM55. In addition, the sweeping roller and the two side brushes can be adjusted in height and pressure. With its low own weight of only 23.5 kg and the ergonomic handle, the manual sweeper enables fatigue-free working. After cleaning the floor, the SKM55 can be stored in a space-saving way thanks to the foldable handle.

Expected availability from: June 2021 Need more information?
Hand pallet truck with extra long forks, 2m fork length, traction weight 2000kg

The hand pallet truck HWM2000 with 2000 mm fork length allows to lift especially long goods and Euro pallets. The nevertheless small dimensions of the pallet truck of 540 mm width and 2400 mm length enable precise and easy manoeuvrability in narrow aisles. The low total weight of 110 kg considerably simplifies handling and transport of the extra-long hand pallet truck. With just a few pumping movements, the pallet truck has reached its maximum height of 200 mm and can transport the load from place to place. Together with the height of 85 mm when the forks are lowered, the truck therefore allows a lift of 115 mm. The 200 mm nylon wheels are designed to be robust and impact resistant, so that they combine a long service life with high smoothness. The paint finish in the signal colour RAL5005 blue prevents the long hand pallet truck from being overlooked.

Expected availability from: August 2021 Need more information?
machine vice, precision vice MA-S200, 200 mm jaw opening

The machine vice MA-S200 convinces with its high precision, an accuracy of 0.05 mm and a high clamping force of 49 kN. Herewith you can fix your workpiece within a CNC machine, on a work table, in milling machines or on other machine tools and thus work with millimetre precision. The practical precision vice has 2 clamping jaws which can be moved apart to a clamping width of up to 200 mm. The pull-down system not only allows high-precision clamping of workpieces, but also fast working. The vice is made of an extra hard alloy (20CrMnTi), which ensures the durability of the MA-S200. Equipped with various accessories, you have a wide range of possibilities to fix workpieces.


  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 workpiece stop
  • 4 clamping claws
  • 4 T-slot nuts (M8)
  • 2 slot nuts
  • 7 screws (4 x M8, 2 x M6, 1 x M4)
  • 1 nut (M6)
  • 4 washers
Expected availability from: September 2021 Need more information?