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Holm is the general term for a horizontal structure, a rod or a handle. Tie bars are used, for example, as the lateral parts of a rung ladder, as the support of a beam staircase, as the handrail of a railing, as a wooden bar on a bar in gymnastics or as a vehicle column in bodywork construction.

In the case of shelving, the term upright stands for a beam (bar) or also crossbeam. As horizontal beams there are two uprights (cross beams) between two lateral shelf uprights. They are used for stabilisation and consolidation and also form a shelf level or storage level.

With the Storage shelves and Pallet racks from TOPREGAL the desired number of shelf levels can be individually suspended with the in-house cross beams in a grid of 50mm thanks to the simple plug-in construction. Pallets can be stored directly on the cross beams. Alternatively, shelves made of wood (chipboard 38mm), steel (25mm) or hot-dip galvanised grid (mesh width 9.9cm x 3.3cm) can be inserted. The uprights are adapted to the weight of the stored goods or pallets with different thicknesses and load capacities.